Menstruation Health Tips : Do not make ‘these’ mistakes during menstruation, otherwise you will have to face serious consequences


Periods Health Tips : Taking care of hygiene is also very important. What to do if more serious symptoms appear during this period? (Health Tips) should also be known. During this time, symptoms such as period cramps, body heaviness and fatigue may appear. If proper information is not available at this time, this problem can be aggravated, so every woman should have proper information about menstruation. Some women do some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly at this time, due to which she suffers. Generally, the metabolism of girls’ body slows down during menstruation. This can lead to gas in the stomach or even indigestion. If you want to avoid this problem during menstruation, girls should pay attention to some special things in your diet. Know what to do and what to avoid during this time

Menstruation Health Tips : What to do during menstruation?

-You can take bath in warm water, as it is very relaxing. Warm water also reduces the pain.

-Keep yourself active through any physical activity or light exercise. This will provide energy, mood will be happy and pain will also be removed.

-Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

-You can consume dark chocolate. This will also calm the appetite. It also helps a lot in reducing the symptoms.

-Maximum protein should be consumed.

Menstruation Health Tips : What not to do?-

– Do not have unprotected sex during this time. This may increase the risk of infection.
-One should also try to avoid eating junk food and outside food.
-Do not consume coffee frequently. Do not drink more than one cup of coffee per day.
-Use a heating pad to feel comfortable, 
-Reduce alcohol intake.

-Don’t demotivate yourself.
-Avoid eating baked food. But it also contains a lot of trans fat.
-Keep yourself hydrated
-Avoid fast food

Note : All the above items are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers-audience only as information. ABP takes no claim from me. So any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken with expert advice.

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