Men Health: If ‘it’ is short, are men useless for ‘it’? What experts say..

Men Health: If ‘it’ is short, are men useless for ‘it’?  What experts say..

Chamany men always have a doubt.. If they are short, it will be difficult to get together with their partner. By keeping it in mind.. it will actually come. Due to mental anxiety, they come to the conclusion that their life is a waste. Guys.. do you also have the same idea? However, take it completely out of the burra for now. Because.. Size doesn’t matter. 

‘Ek Mini Katha’ Have you seen the movie? The hero Santosh Shobhan also suffers from the same problem. Since childhood, his friends ‘that’ Crying about being small and comparing them to the sizes shown in P*rn movies is mind boggling. Of course.. it is not work with size to participate in that work. No matter how much it is.. the game of both goes smoothly. Moreover.. children can also be born. So, forget about that. Check out what the experts are saying about it. 

Enough to freeze.. size doesn’t work

Men’s penis size ranges from 2 to 4 inches. However, a 2 inch limb grows to 4 inches when frozen. It is a misconception to think that even a four-incher can grow more. A person with a four-inch penis has no chance of getting taller. That is to say.. 2 inch size has more elasticity. Also, when participating in intercourse, they are more stiff and have the ability to make the partner scream. 

Actually, men with smaller penises have lower expectations in intercourse. However, after the union.. his partner‌ You will be surprised by the performance. That is to say.. those who have a big penis are not so satisfied. Also women do not feel pain even if they give strokes. Enjoyed well. Moreover.. the time taken for ejaculation is also very long. That is.. It is said that those with small limbs participate in the union for a long time. However, women suffer from pain after meeting someone with a large penis. 

Surgeries are not needed.. 

Many people.. undergo surgeries to increase the penis size. But experts say it is not a good practice. Because.. the side effects of it make it ineffective. Also.. even in the surgery, the limb is frozen and the skin is attached to make it look a little longer and that illusion is added. Experts also say that you should not trust the herbs sold outside. It is said that you should consult a doctor only if you have erectile dysfunction. 

How does the penis work?

Testosterone plays a vital role in erectile dysfunction. However, blood flow in the body should also be regular. The penis gets excited when looking at a woman or when sexually aroused. Blood flow accelerates and the blood vessels in the ‘corpora cavernosa’ of the penis open up. Due to this, the blood enters it and settles in the nerves and blood vessels.. and strengthens the muscles. The result is erectile dysfunction. When the semen is ejaculated.. it returns to normal.

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