Married for 17 years, he was with another woman .. How many twists in her story ..

Question: Hi .. I thought ten times before writing this letter .. writing at the end. My childhood marriage was at the age of 17. Unexpected difficulties I want to become bigger as there are no adults in Attint. He also got married in a small job with the money he got. My husband started harassing me with excuses if I did not want to. I endured. He has not changed, however. The one who is supposed to be responsible is the one who hurts. I was in my life that everything could change but in the end he could not bear to be with another girl and broke up. After that he realized the mistake he had made but could not admit it.
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Eventually I somehow managed to complete my degree again and get a good job. Couldn’t have dared that everyone would remarry. At the same time a man helped me in some things. I wondered if he liked me with this. He would have been the same. But the word marriage is for someone who gives reasons. When Osari was finally deposed, the earth seemed to shake under his feet as he told her that he had married someone else under unexpected circumstances. What to do with it or whether you are suffering from some form of depression. At the same time another married boy in the office began to adore why. Anyone who is not myself at the time will speak to divert the mind. I did the same. Anyway but the same loneliness again when he left the city for another job. With this, he invited me to come to him, but the area will change. That’s how I thought I would get away with the problem for a few days.

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But in the meanwhile an unexpected change in himself, the adored Wade began to speak disgustingly. No matter how small the task, he did get irritated and scolded. With this, what is my real life .. I started my journey again. I wish my life was over .. but in the meanwhile he wanted to know the thing and settle down. At the same time unexpected luck came and went. Got an unexpected job. That’s all the air floated in the gall in the motor and went. Learning how to be in life. In all these contacts of mine I made many mistakes but many words were uttered and insults endured. But now I have achieved life.
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Those who hurt me are now living to see my growth and suffer. Cry when I have difficulty writing this letter. Suffer. Try to jump as high as you can cry again. Every single event that happened in my life also taught me school lessons. Despite all the suffering I can now endure whatever comes next. If everyone moves forward with a similarly positive outlook then you are a winner in your own life .. I am writing this letter with the intention of letting everyone know this.

-O woman

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