Marriage: It is best not to marry a person with these characteristics, otherwise there will be trouble

Marriage is a milestone in life. If you find a good partner, life is heaven, but if you find someone who is selfish or psycho, there is no hell. Traveling with them for a few days before the wedding can give you an idea of ​​what kind of people they are. If you notice certain types of traits in them then it is better not to marry such a person. Know what symptoms to look out for. 

You need to be calm when he/she is with him/her, whether it’s a pre-marriage stroll or a date. But it is better to get rid of the person who keeps you angry, impatient for the smallest thing and makes you a kangaroo while you are with him. Nothing like this is fixed for such people. They increase anxiety in others. 

Too much forethought
Foresight is good but too much forethought is irritating. If you always think about tomorrow, if you always think about tomorrow, today’s life will pass without happiness. They think about everything and decide everything quickly. You have to decide for yourself whether you can stay with this person for the rest of your life. 

He talks about himself…
It is very difficult to marry a selfish person who only thinks about himself. They think less about their partner. All do what they like and don’t even try to understand other people’s feelings. It is best not to choose a person who always talks about himself while talking to you. 

The relationship will last only if the partner accepts it wholeheartedly no matter what. Otherwise, if you criticize it, it will always be cut like a thread. Whether you are a critic or not should be evaluated when talking before marriage. Is your dress like this? Can’t you wear it differently, you’ll never know how to cook? Such simple remarks are made before marriage. But if they start criticizing for every little thing then after marriage they become big critics. So it is better to stay away if such symptoms appear. It is better not to marry someone who mocks and criticizes you. 

One who does not make mistakes
If the prospective partner is saying moral words and boasting to you every time, it means that he or she is difficult to bear. It should also be understood that they will continue to criticize and say morals throughout their lives. ‘I never do wrong’ It’s hard to live with someone who brags about it. No man is infallible. When he does something wrong, even if you point it out, such people will make a big fuss. 

A person who overreacts in every situation, creates dramas  definitely. Don’t get married. It is better not to marry a person who argues too much about small things and talks for hours. I don’t believe that such people will listen calmly to you any day in the future. 

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