Mango Leaves: Do you know why mango leaves are washed at the doorstep?

Mango Leaves: Do you know why mango leaves are washed at the doorstep?

When there are festivals, auspicious events and weddings going on in the Hindu house, mango trees are definitely washed. It is a custom to build mango arches on the doorstep like this from ancient times. Not only at the doorstep but also during any auspicious occasion in the festive atmosphere, mango torans are washed near shrines and temples.

Mango leaves, marigolds, when used to form ‘thoranam’ or decoration, symbolize purity and holiness. After the puja rituals, mango leaves are washed on the main door and other doorsteps of the house. It is believed that by doing this, the negative energies in the house will be expelled and positive energies will enter the house. It brings happiness, prosperity and harmony to the house.

Mango leaves have a special place in Hinduism. The cult,  is deeply rooted in mythological beliefs. Became an important part of Vedic rituals regardless of ceremonies. Mango tree is considered as Kalpa tree. It is believed to contain divine essence. Mango leaves play an important role in making Kalash. By tying mango arches to the door like this, it invites positive energy into the house and promotes happiness in the house. From a scientific point of view, mango leaves contribute to environmental purification.  They effectively absorb carbon dioxide.

Similarly, many people believe that negative energy can be transmitted in the house due to mango leaves. But in the past, before going down into the well and cleaning the well, a big mango branch was put in the well and rotated around for a while and then went down into the well and cleaned it. Because they believe that turning it like that will remove all the poisonous gases in that well. Also, by decorating the house with green mango arches, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and all the deities will enter the house. Moreover, many people think that they can get out of financial problems. 

Also, marigolds are considered as symbols of Lord Surya. These flowers have  light, brightness. In Sanskrit, they are called ‘Sthalapushpa’.  An integral part of the worship of various deities. The association of marigolds with the planet Jupiter is believed to infuse the home with positive energy and promote happiness and prosperity. Beyond their spiritual significance, marigolds have scientific significance.  Purifies the atmosphere. They promote peace through their fragrance. Has antiseptic properties. Contribute to a clean,  healthy environment.

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