Maigraine: Does Migraine Cause Brain Damage? A recent study has revealed shocking facts

Migraine.. unbearable headache. It is hard to bear when it comes. Vomiting, nausea, dizziness, palpitations are unbearable. Many people take migraine pain lightly. But a recent study reveals that it is very dangerous. Shockingly, it has been revealed that there is a high risk of damage to a major organ in the brain. Migraine pain does not subside for two to three days. This is also known as a migraine.

A new study shows that people who suffer from migraines have fluid build up around the blood vessels in the middle part of the brain. Experts believe that due to this, there is a problem in the nervous system and the removal of waste from the brain. Experts have revealed this shocking fact after examining the brain scanning reports of people who suffer from chronic migraine pain. Significant changes were observed in the centrum semieval perivascular in the brain of migraine sufferers. But experts aren’t sure how migraines affect the centrum semieval. But researchers warn that migraines can destroy brain function.

Migraine pain symptoms

☀ Nausea, vomiting

☀ Inability to see light, Can’t stand sound 

☀ Changes in vision

☀ Blurred vision

☀ Extreme pain in head

☀ Excruciating pain in eyes, neck, face< /p>

☀ Nasal congestion

☀ Insomnia

25 people aged 25- 60 years participated in this study. Their brain scans were examined. All participants in this study were healthy. They do not suffer from any mental health problems or weakness. However, some of the participants had frequent migraines while others had occasional migraines. Others have no symptoms of actual migraine pain. However, the results revealed that people with migraine had more perivascular space than people without migraine.

People with migraine should avoid certain foods. Migraine sufferers should avoid chocolates. Eating these increases pain by 22 percent. Do not eat sugar free sweets. Also cheese should be avoided as much as possible. Eating them increases migraine pain. Coffee and green tea should be limited. Some studies have shown that the caffeine in it can make pain worse. To get rid of migraine pain, you need to make sure that the mind and brain are calm. Don’t worry too much. Yogasanas and meditation should be focused on to get rid of mental stress.

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