Mahabharat: One should not sacrifice dignity in the longing for pleasures, know why Bhishma Pitamah said this to Arjuna

Mahabharat: One should not sacrifice dignity in the longing for pleasures, know why Bhishma Pitamah said this to Arjuna

Mahabharat Story in Hindi: Mahabharata contains a storehouse of infinite knowledge. In Mahabharata, not only war, but it includes the whole of religion, policy, politics, knowledge, science, scriptures, yoga, history, anthropology, mystery, philosophy, system etc. That’s why everyone must recite this religious book.

Role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharata

Bhishma Pitamah had an important role in the Mahabharata war. He was also the main character of this war. Bhishma Pitamah was the supreme commander of the Kaurava army during the epic Kurukshetra war. Also, he was the only character who saw the entire events of the Mahabharata war. Bhishma Pitamah fought on the side of the Kauravas in the war of Mahabharata.

In the Mahabharata war that lasted for 18 days, Bhishma Pitamah came on the bed of Arjuna’s arrows during the war in 10 days itself. But he did not give up his body. Because he wanted to leave his body only when the sun was set. In this way, Bhishma Pitamah left his body after staying on the death bed for 58 days after the sun set in Magh Shukla Paksha.

Bhishma Pitamah gave this knowledge to Arjuna before his death

It is said that when the Mahabharata war took place, Bhishma Pitamah was more than one hundred and fifty years old and Arjuna was 55 years old. During the Mahabharata war, with the arrows of Arjuna, Bhishma Pitamah came on the bed of arrows. For 58 days, Bhishma Pitamah stayed on the bed and he gave knowledge to everyone. Before leaving the body, Bhishma Pitamah also taught Arjuna, which is as follows- ’ One should not sacrifice dignity in the longing for happiness.’

  • Happiness is available to only two types of humans. Firstly those who are most foolish and secondly those who have seen the essence of knowledge in the light of intellect. Apart from this, those who are hanging in the middle, they always remain unhappy.
  • Talk in such a way that others do not suffer, say bad things to others, condemn, speak bad words, abandon it. Only the best. Insult of others, arrogance and conceit are the biggest enemies.
  • Nothing can be achieved without sacrifice, nor can any ultimate ideal be proved. Without renunciation man cannot get freedom from fear. It is only by renunciation that a human being can get every happiness.
  • The man who has authority over the future, does not become a puppet of others and can think immediately according to the time, he always achieves happiness. Whereas laziness destroys a man.
  • A ruler should not have any kind of discrimination between his son and his subjects. It provides steadfastness in governance and prosperity to the subjects.
  • Bhishma Pitamah had said that power is not meant for enjoyment, but for the welfare of the society by working hard.
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