Lunch After Sleep: Do you fall asleep after lunch? It’s because of these mistakes you make!

Feel like to sleep for a while after having a full meal in the afternoon. The eyes become very heavy.. the eyelids fall down. Even while in the office, he falls asleep after the meal. Even if we forcefully stop sleeping, sometimes we fall asleep without knowing it.. and lean on the table. What’s more, if it catches the eye of the boss, that’s all. This happens to many people. After a good night’s sleep, you wonder why you can’t sleep again. Why do you fall asleep immediately after having lunch? Do you know why the eyes become too heavy to open? The reason for that is the small mistakes we make, tiredness, the effect of the breakfast we take in the morning. Habits like not eating lead to fatigue. That’s why meals should be done at the right time. Eating at the right time will keep you active throughout the day. In order to supply the necessary energy to the body, you have to eat on time. If after work you forget to eat at the right time, if you set a reminder on your phone, that will remind you. We will sit. Staring at it makes the eyes tired. Not only that, sitting still in the same posture also makes the body tired. Some people eat while looking at their phone during lunch. You should not do that. Make a habit of eating at the right time calmly. Resting the eyes improves mood. Reduces stress and increases your energy levels.

Coffee, Sweet Biscuits

Even after tiffin some people feel hungry and eat sweet biscuits. After sitting in front of the system for hours, let’s relax a little and unexpectedly go and drink coffee. To some extent that is good. But some are drinking coffee for the same purpose. It is not good for health. Instead of sugary snacks, choose healthy snacks that are high in protein and fiber. Consuming them improves blood sugar levels. Avoid sweet snacks by choosing fresh or dried fruits.


Lack of natural light, cluttered desk, flickering lights, inadequate ventilation You may also feel tired quickly. They also induce sleep. Headache, lack of concentration, dry cough, itchy skin, shortness of breath are some other reasons. That is why you should take breaks in between while working. You should walk at least once in half an hour. Sitting in one place without moving causes the muscles to tense up. Stress also causes fatigue. Overcoming all this can leave you feeling sleepy in the afternoon. Curses can be avoided in the hands of the boss.

Note: Information collected from many studies, researches and health journals is provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed. 

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