Lumpy Skin Disease: Can Lumpy Skin Disease spread to humans? What are the characteristics of that virus?

Until now, the Corona epidemic has shaken the countries of the world. Now another virus spreading in India is disturbing everyone. But it occurs in cattle. Same lumpy skin disease. It is an infectious disease. The virus first came to light in July. Cattle are severely affected by this. The disease is characterized by blisters on the skin that look swollen. It spreads throughout the animal’s body. More than 64 thousand cattle have died due to this disease in more than eight states like Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. Cattle are dying because of them. As it is an infectious disease, its spread is fast. The central government already supplies vaccines to prevent it. Annie has supplied more than one crore doses to all the states. The disease not only causes loss of livestock, but also reduces milk production, growth defects, abortion and infertility. So far there are no records of grandchildren being infected with this disease. 

Is it infecting humans?

However, the news that this disease affects humans also makes many people panic. But doctors have revealed that there is no danger to humans due to this. It has been clarified that there is no possibility of it spreading to humans. He said that even touching infected animals does not spread the disease. He said that this disease is not zoonotic. Doctors claim that there is no danger in consuming beef and dairy products.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

⦿ Blisters on the body

⦿ Weight loss

⦿ Excessive salivation 

⦿ Watery fluid dripping from body parts like eyes, nose

⦿ Fever

⦿ Difficulty in eating food

How to prevent?

The Government of India has taken strong measures to protect cattle from this disease. Preventive measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the disease. The Chief Ministers of the respective states advised the authorities to educate the citizens about the disease. The respective states are taking strict security measures to prevent the spread of the disease to animals in the neighboring states. To control this lumpy skin disease, the Center has made a vaccine called ‘Goat Pox’ available to the states. According to the government report, 1.50 crore doses have been administered in the affected states so far. Officials revealed that they work effectively on cattle.

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