Liver: If this symptom occurs while brushing, it is best to get tested for liver disease

Liver is the most important organ in the body. This organ performs more than 500 bodily functions in our body. The liver does very important things like converting the food we eat into energy and removing waste and toxins from our blood. Liver health is very important to maintain. Liver diseases can become severe and lead to life-threatening conditions. Fatty liver disease is one of the most dangerous liver diseases. It is of two types. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic fatty liver disease. Alcoholic fatty liver disease occurs in moderate drinkers.  Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease occurs in people who do not drink alcohol. If these two diseases reach a severe stage, the condition is called ‘liver cirrhosis’ is called.

Cirrhosis is a condition in which fat accumulates in the liver. If it reaches the severe stage, it is called cirrhosis disease. Symptoms of this disease do not appear immediately. Liver becomes inflamed for several years. Scars form and shrink into a lump. Liver damage causes scarred tissue to replace healthy tissue. The liver does not perform its functions. In the end it is a complete failure. This is called liver failure. Liver transplantation may also be required at that time. 

While brushing…
If the liver is affected by fatty liver disease, a symptom appears while brushing the teeth. If the gums are bleeding, it means that the fatty liver disease is in an advanced stage. Do not take it lightly if you have nosebleeds, loose teeth or infected gums around the teeth. A doctor should be consulted immediately. These can be said to be the main signs of liver disease.

These are also symptoms..
If the liver is not functioning properly, symptoms such as loss of appetite, feeling nauseous, and itchy skin appear. Liver health should be checked even if these symptoms are present. Also, if there is jaundice, bloody stools, black tarry stools, watery legs and abdomen, tiredness, weakness, sudden weight loss, muscle wasting, you should get checked for liver disease. 

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