Kohinoor Diamond: Why can’t we bring our Kohinoor diamond back to India? What are the reasons?

QNo matter how many diamonds there are in the world, the Kohinoor diamond is unique. It was once recognized as the largest diamond in the world. Although this diamond was found on Telugu soil, it is now kept in England museum. No matter how many times the Indian government asked Britain to hand over this diamond to them, no positive response was received. In fact, this diamond was 793 carats in the early days but now it has reduced to 105.6 carats. are coming to light. It is said that this diamond was found on Telugu soil about 5 thousand years ago. In the year 1813, the Kohinoor diamond reached the Sikh king Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He wears it in his crown. After his death in 1839, the diamond went to his son Dilip Singh. British forces defeated him in 1849. At that time he handed over that diamond to the Queen of England. Then  Kohinoor diamond has been in Britain since. In fact, this diamond was not sold or taken by force except by giving it as a gift to each other. No one bought it. In this context, the Kohinoor diamond has no permanent owners.   

What do Indian laws say?

For this diamond the Indian government sometimes asked the British government  Contacted.. was not of much use. The Supreme Court, the highest judicial seat of India, once conducted an inquiry regarding this issue. The investigation revealed that it would be difficult to bring back the Kohinoor diamond. According to the provisions of the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972, only antiquities illegally exported from the country can be recovered. In this background, it has been proved that there is no possibility of bringing the Kohinoor diamond back to India. Indian government also  The Supreme Court was told that the United Kingdom cannot be forced to hand over the ancient Kohinoor diamond to them. Because this diamond was not stolen. It was gifted to the British.   

The Supreme Court heard a public interest litigation (PL) filed by the All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front seeking an order to the British High Commissioner to return the Kohinoor diamond and several other rare items and treasures. Kohinoor‌ Filed to extradite to the country‌ The bench of then Chief Justice TS Thakur asked the government to clarify its stand on the matter. However, the government has revealed that this is not possible.

If the Kohinoor is given, the British museum will be empty />

The Kohinoor diamond, which has earned a place in the form of crown jewel many times in the crown of the queens of England, was then moved to the British Museum. Many times the Indian government asked the British government to hand over this diamond to them. In 2010, UK Prime Minister David Cameron responded to this issue. If Kohinoor has to be returned to India, it will have to be returned to many countries. Then they joked that the entire British Museum would be empty. This is the story behind Kohinoor. Hence, we can’t get it back. 

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