Kitchen Hacks: Store green vegetables in this way in winter, they will not spoil for 15 days

How To Store Green Vegetables In Fridge: Green vegetables are abundant in winters. In such a situation, many times people buy green vegetables in large quantities, due to which the vegetables start getting spoiled.  Some people do not bother to buy vegetables everyday or because of having a big family, they buy more vegetables. This saves time and you do not have to visit the market again and again. In such a situation, more than buying vegetables, one has to think about storing them. You must also be thinking that how to keep vegetables in the fridge, so that they remain fresh and green for a long time. Today we are telling you how to store vegetables in the fridge.
1- Whenever you bring vegetables from the market, wash them and store them in the fridge only after drying them thoroughly.
2 – If water remains in the vegetables or if they are wet, then they spoil quickly in the fridge.
3- Do not wash green leafy vegetables and keep them in the fridge, this will cause the vegetables to rot quickly.
4- Vegetables in the fridge Use a polythene or vegetable bag to keep it. 
5- Make 1-2 holes in the polythene in which you are keeping vegetables. By doing this, the vegetables will last for a long time.
6- Spread some newspaper or any kind of paper in the veg basket of the fridge. Place the vegetables one by one on it systematically. 
7- In this way the water of the vegetables will drain out on the paper and the vegetables will remain fresh.
8- Never store fruits with vegetables in the fridge. do not keep. This can spoil both the things quickly.
9- Try to keep all the vegetables wrapped in a paper towel. 
10- If you are keeping it in a plastic bag, then close it tightly. Give. This will not spoil the vegetables for many days.
11- Whenever buying more vegetables, use green vegetables first. Green vegetables spoil more quickly than other vegetables.
12- If any vegetable is cut or peeled, then keep it in the refrigerator inside a container filled with water.
13- You can use green leafy vegetables. Vegetables can also be cut and kept. Use an airtight container for this. 
14- Always keep green coriander in an airtight box or plastic bag. In this way, coriander will not spoil for 15 days.
15- To store green chilies, remove the stalk and wrap it in a paper and keep it in an airtight container.

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