Kitchen Cleaning Tips: White vinegar not only makes cooking taste better, it can also make your kitchen shine.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: White vinegar not only makes cooking taste better, it can also make your kitchen shine.

Whether you want to add flavor to the dishes, clean the dirty stove, clean the wooden furniture in the kitchen, clean the dishes that have accumulated stubborn grease on the utensils… that’s all you need. Same with white vinegar. White vinegar has been widely used in cooking since many years. Women definitely use this if they want to clean the kitchen. There are many more benefits of this acid that makes your work so much easier.


Don’t you feel like eating without a pickle? But you can make pickle with simple vinegar. It can be prepared in just minutes and eaten anytime. Add chopped vegetables like chillies, garlic, ginger and onion to a bottle of white vinegar along with a pinch of salt and keep it aside for a couple of hours. It is very tasty if you eat it.

You can put it in sauce

If you want to make a delicious sauce at home instead of the ones available in the market, you can give it a good twist with vinegar. It gives a good taste to the sauce. It is used to make white sauce. Add some white wine and white vinegar to it to give extra taste to the cooking.

Grease stains can be removed

White vinegar works super to clean dirty and greasy dishes. will do Any greasy or dirty things will shine if cleaned with white vinegar. Just mix white vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice. Put the mixture on greased and oily utensils and rub it. After soaking for a while, wash off with normal liquid wash. That’s how much dirt is removed in a pinch. It also reduces the strain on your hands.

You can clean the walls near the stove

Vinegar brightens your kitchen. Take hot water in a bowl and mix white vinegar, liquid detergent, salt and lemon juice in it. Spray it on the walls behind the stove and leave it there for a while. After that it is enough to clean. Any amount of grease will be removed easily.

Appliances Cleaning

Appliances like coffee maker, microwave, fridge can be cleaned. Can be cleaned using white vinegar without any hassle. Add white vinegar, lemon juice and salt to warm water and mix. The mixture can be poured into the coffee maker and cleaned. Dip a sponge in that water and wipe the fridge and microwave. Then wipe them again with a dry cloth to remove all the dirt. It gets rid of dirt, dust and grime accumulated for many days in moments.

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