Kids Screening Time: Giving your kids a phone? It is difficult for them to talk and walk!

Kids Screening Time: Giving your kids a phone?  It is difficult for them to talk and walk!

Once upon a time, Chandama used to feed the children with rice while telling stories and playing games. But now children seen in any house must have a phone in their hand if they want to eat. They feed rice with some toys or cartoons. Parents believe that if they do that, they will sit still and eat. Children who have become addicted to TV and phone are also stopping eating without them. But many studies have warned that this has a severe impact on their growth. Another recent study revealed a shocking fact. It revealed that children who spend more than two hours of screen time have difficulty speaking and walking.

What does the study say?

Japanese researchers examined about 57,980 children. They tried to find out how screen time affects their social skills. Too much screen time at one age can harm a child’s development. Excessive screen use shows negative effects on them. Researchers have found that by the age of two or three, they may have severe difficulty speaking and walking. According to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, it is better to keep children away from TV and phones. It suggests that screen time should be limited to two hours. Even if a phone is given for educational purposes, it is suggested that it be limited.

Previous studies warn that spending four or more hours a day on a screen can delay their brain development. A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics explains how too much screen time at one age can affect later years. Parents of children who watched TV four or more times were asked some questions. How are children walking and running, are they eating and writing? Or was asked. Also how do you react when there is a problem? Questions were asked about how to solve it.

Parents revealed that communication skills in children who spend more time in front of the screen are very low at the age of 3 years. Due to their less participation in activities, their brain thinking power is not developing. Sitting still in front of a screen for long periods of time can reduce interest in learning other things. That’s why they should get used to outdoor games. Learn to play with others. Get used to the outside environment. Experts suggest playing brain-sharpening games like puzzles.

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