Kids: It is healthy for the baby if the nursing mothers do not eat these

Kids: It is healthy for the baby if the nursing mothers do not eat these

Breastfeeding is the foundation of the baby. Babies depend only on breast milk for up to six months. The mother’s diet at that time determines the nutrients they get. So the mother should take food keeping in mind the children. They should choose and eat food suitable for their physical and mental growth. They should also eat foods that boost immunity. Thus it is better to eat foods that give them nutrients and avoid foods that make them ill. Otherwise, there is a possibility of some kind of problems in children.

Many people have the habit of drinking coffee and tea. While pregnant, they continue to drink tea and coffee even after delivery. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid caffeinated foods. That means it is better not to drink tea coffee. The caffeine in it can cause digestive problems in children. It also prevents them from sleeping. Causes irritation. If the baby is crying often, it is better to check what kind of food you are eating. It is best not to drink coffee more than once a day. It is even better if it is completely avoided.

Some types of vegetables should also be kept away. It is better not to eat cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber and broccoli which cause gastric problems in children. Food with pepper and cinnamon should also be avoided. All these also show an effect on the child’s digestive system. There is a possibility of aging problems in them. Diarrhea can also happen. So it is best to avoid  foods cooked with such ingredients until the baby is weaned.

Do not eat minted food when your baby is exclusively breastfed. It reduces milk production. So it is best to keep mint away until the milk is gone. If you eat eggs, milk, greens, beet root, carrot, chicken, mutton regularly, milk production will also increase. Do not overeat anything. Eating in moderation is healthy for both mother and child. Eating dishes cooked with sesame oil will strengthen the child’s immunity. Milk production also increases. So it is better to cook with sesame oil as long as the baby is breastfeeding.

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Note: The information collected from many studies and researches has been provided here as usual. It is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Be sure to include this food in your diet only after consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. This information is for your information only.

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