Kids: Don’t ignore ear infections in children in winter – pain

Ear infections are common in children. But parents do not take these seriously. Taking this lightly may affect the eardrum of the child and cause hearing problems. Sore throat, fever, cough and cold attack in winter. Due to this there is a possibility of accumulation of fluid behind the ear i.e. behind the eardrum. This causes swelling inside the ear. Pain also occurs. When children say they are in pain, they should be shown to the doctor without neglect. 

Earache can occur along with just fever. Even then, the infection should be shown to the doctors. Whatever happens to Karnabheri will have a lot of influence on their future. Doctors examine the eardrum with the help of an otoscope. They will see if there is an ear infection. Also, by blowing air into the ear, they check whether the fluid has accumulated behind the eardrum. Infection should be detected at the initial stage. Infection is caused by bacteria. So the infection is cured with antibiotics. Don’t delay until the eardrum is also infected. Therefore, it is better not to show the doctor only about the extent of cold and fever, but to ask them to check the ear as well. Do not feed sour food. They add to the problem. Ear infection is likely to occur when cold and sore throat occur. Cold and throat problems increase due to feeding of sour and cold foods, so ear problems are also likely to occur. Also, it is necessary to ensure that water does not enter the ear while taking a bath. Children should not be placed where there is loud noises. 

The earwax also becomes hard and accumulates like stones, causing eardrum. At such time ear drops are given. They relieve pain and soften the hard lump and allow the ear to move forward. Then the doctors will remove it. At such a time the ear is blocked and cannot hear properly.  

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