Kidney Stones Pain Relief Tips : Pain due to kidney stones? Reduce it with these simple yoga poses

Kidney Stones Pain Relief Tips : Pain due to kidney stones?  Reduce it with these simple yoga poses

Yoga For Kidney stones : Yoga is a process that affects our overall health and keeps us healthy. But yoga also excels in reducing the discomfort caused by kidney stones. What are the asanas that improve kidney health and function? Now let’s know the benefits of which asanas. 

Why do stones actually form in the kidneys?

Urine contains high amount of crystal forming substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid. When kidney stones occur. When these leave the kidneys and obstruct the flow of urine, this causes excruciating pain. When these stones get stuck in narrow streams they induce extreme pain and discomfort. There are medicines to give relief from this.

But if you do many yogasanas along with medicines, you will get relief from the pain quickly.  Besides reducing pain.. they improve kidney health. Reduces stress. It also reduces the risk of forming kidney stones. It also helps prevent recurrence of kidney problems. So let’s see which asanas can reduce the pain caused by kidney stones.


This stretch is very easy to do. This is a good kidney stone relief position. It relieves pressure on the back.. and relaxes. 


This is called the cat-cow pose. It is also very easy to do. Movements in this pose give a good massage to the muscles around the kidneys. Also helps in reducing back pain. 


This asana is also very easy to do. This helps in reducing back discomfort while bending forward. Provides relief from the pain caused by kidney stones. 


This asana is very easy to do if you are in the habit of doing Suryanamaskaras. If you are not used to it.. you can do this asana easily. This is also known as Cobra Asana. It improves spinal flexibility. Provides relief from pain. 

Bridge pose..

This is also known as Sethu Bandhasana. It promotes blood circulation in the abdominal area. Thus the spine is strengthened. It gradually improves kidney health. 

Camel Asana..

This is called Ustrasana in yoga. This is a popular asana for kidney stone pain relief. The back bend position in which we do stretches the front part of the body.. and improves the muscle function. It relaxes and reduces stress. It is good for your overall health. 

These asanas will give you relief from pain. But you must also take the medicines prescribed by the doctors. These asanas bring relaxation through yoga, reducing stress and taking deep breaths. Even in yoga it is better not to go for some twisting and extreme stretching asanas. It is better if you practice these asanas first in the presence of yoga experts. 

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