Kidney Health Tips : Important tips to improve kidney health


Kidney Health Tips : Kidney plays an important role in removing waste and excess fluid from the body. It helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the entire urinary system by controlling the amount of salt, water and other chemicals in the body. of kidney (Kidney) does not start functioning properly, one can develop chronic kidney disease. Let’s make a resolution to protect your kidney health this New Year. Dr Puneet Bhuvania, Nephrologist and Transplant Physician at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road shares some important tips through this article to improve your kidney health.

Everybody makes a New Year’s resolution but very few people carry this resolution to completion. On this occasion, we should take a healthy oath to maintain our kidney function and health and work towards it. Kidneys filter waste products, excess water and other impurities from the blood through urine. Not only this, the kidneys are also responsible for regulating body pH, salt and potassium levels and activating vitamin D to maintain good bone health and regulate muscle function. But, there is still a lack of awareness about kidney disease and that is why a large number of people require dialysis. Also those with end stage kidney disease require a kidney transplant. So, try to make sure that you take great care of yourself.

Some important tips for your kidney health

1. Drink enough water : Drinking plenty of water helps the kidneys flush out toxins and also reduces the chances of kidney disease. According to medical studies, a person with a history of kidney stones should drink enough water to prevent the formation of kidney stones in the future.

2. Avoid smoking : Smoking damages blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the kidneys. Smoking increases one’s risk of developing renal cell carcinoma which is a type of kidney cancer. Thus, when a person quits smoking, the chances of this cancer are reduced.

3. Be physically active : Daily exercise is beneficial not only for the heart or lungs but also for the kidneys. Regular physical activity will help maintain weight control and ward off kidney problems. Exercise helps manage blood sugar, lowers blood pressure and improves heart health in diabetics. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. You can start with walking and gradually work up to swimming, cycling, running, aerobics, yoga or even Pilates. At least 30 minutes of exercise every day is a must. 

4. Control of salt in diet: Foods like packed food, junk food are high in salt. So consuming more of it increases the blood pressure. Also, consuming too much salt damages your kidneys.

5. Check your kidney health: 40 percent of kidney patients have no symptoms. For this, periodic assessment of serum creatinine and urine will help you rule out kidney disease.

– Dr Puneet Bhuvania, Nephrologist and Transplant Physician, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road 

Note : All the above items are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers-audience only as information. ABP takes no claim from me. So any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken with expert advice.

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