Khichdi Recipe: Masala Khichdi with Garnish, Best Breakfast for Diabetic Patients

Kichdi Recipe: Very few people eat sajjas. They are actually very healthy. Earlier these were the main food. But when we started eating too much white rice, we kept small grains aside. Ragus and Samal are still used by some but they have stopped paying attention to the sajjas. But these provide enough energy to the body. A tasty dish made with this is Sajjala Masala Kichidi. 

Sajjas – one and half cup
Potatoes – two
Onion – one
Tomato – one
Green chillies – two
Ghee – two spoons
Cumin – one spoon
Salt – enough
Cloves – two
Yellow – half spoon
Chili – half a spoon
Curry leaves – pinch
Biryani leaf – two
Agave – pinch

Preparation as 
1. Soak the sajjas in water and cook for a while. Then strain the water and keep it aside.
2. Boil the potatoes and keep aside. 
3. Now put the kalai on the stove and put ghee in it. After the ghee heats up, add asafoetida, cloves, cumin, biryani leaves and cloves and fry. 
4. Add onion slices vertically and mix. Chilli and turmeric should also be added. Mash the potatoes gently. Mix everything well. 
5.Now add tomatoes and fry. 
6. Add the cooked ingredients and mix. Add salt. 
7. Add water and cover and cook for a while. 
8. If the water is reduced and it seems that the kichidi is ready, the stove should be turned on. 
9. That means the tasty masala kichidi is ready. It is called ‘Pearl Millets&rsquo in English. is called This is a crop that we Africans are very familiar with. It is these people who eat a lot of it. But for many years in our country, the habit of eating white rice has been kept aside. They were put aside because the taste was not that good. In fact, eating them is very healthy. It is said to be the best breakfast for diabetic patients. Controls blood glucose levels. So eating it every two days is very good. Giving it to children gives them a lot of energy. Garments contain dietary fiber. It removes bad cholesterol from the body. It keeps high blood pressure under control. Prevents heart related diseases. Fatigue and lethargy are removed by eating sajjas. Clothes prevent the problem of anemia.  It helps prevent forgetfulness. This kichidi recipe is very tasty if eaten with dressings. It is also very good for health. 

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