khasi Tribe: The girls born in that tribe are lucky …

It is said that there were once patriarchal systems. & nbsp; Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. But in the Khasi tribe alone the matriarchal system is still in force. Do not think that the word of the Father is worthless. They are said to be the only tribe in the world still running a matriarchal system. They once lived in the state of Assam. In 1972, the Khasi and Jaintia districts where they lived were merged into Meghalaya. & lsquo; Khasi & rsquo; That is not to say that theirs is a female-dominated tribe. Kha means birth in their language and C means big mother. They have no religion. That is why in modern times some have converted to Christianity, some to Islam, some to Hinduism. & nbsp; People of no religion follow their own customs. & nbsp; Because there is a matriarchal system there is no need for girls to go to Attarinti once they get married. The boy has to come and the girl has to live in Vallint. Also the sons of the house get married and go to Attarinti. Grandma in the family deals big with the family. Grandmothers, daughters, their husbands, children & nbsp; all live as one family. They were permanently at home. The granddaughter, who was born in the house, gets the rights over the house. That house belongs to her. She is also responsible for caring for her parents. The rest of the daughters build a house in the neighborhood. They also earn money for their daughters and give money to their parents. Freedom for girls is also high in the Khasi tribe. They can choose the field they like. You can do whatever you like. There are no restrictions on them. If no girl is born to anyone here, a girl is adopted and raised too. The mother is the surname of the children here. Husband does not have a family name when he gets married. The young man loves to find the girl he likes. The girl will tell the adults if she likes it too. Married adults & nbsp; do. Men in Khasi are monogamous like Ramu. & Nbsp;

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