Kerala Recipe for Breakfast : Tasty Bondalu with Karra Pendalam.. Kerala special recipe

Kerala Recipe for Breakfast : Tasty Bondalu with Karra Pendalam.. Kerala special recipe

Recipe with Tapioca Root : Karra Pendalam is very popular in winter. It is boiled and eaten as it is very good for health. But you can make tasty and tasty bondas with this karrapendalam. It doesn't take much to prepare these. These can be tried very simply with things you have at home. What are the ingredients needed for this recipe? Now let's know how to try them. 


Karrapendal – 1 kg

Salt – enough to taste

Eggs – 2

Bread crumbs – 2 cups

For filling..

Oil – enough for deep fry

Mustard – 1 quarter tsp

Onions – 15 (small)

Dry chillies – 8

Tamarind pulp – 1 tsp


Salt – enough to taste


First wash the karra pendal well. Now light the stove and put a bowl on it and put water and salt in it. Once they are cooked well, peel off the top. Now make small balls of lemon size and keep aside. Now the filling process should start. Take a bowl, add oil and heat it. Put mustard in it. When they splutter.. add onions and dry chillies and fry well. While they are baking, add tamarind pulp and salt and mix well. 

Take the previously prepared karrapendalam balls one by one…flatten them a bit. Put a teaspoon of filling in the middle and roll them again in the form of balls. Take another bowl and crack the eggs in it. Dip the prepared stuffed balls in the egg mixture. Then roll in breadcrumbs. After preparing all the balls like this.. light the stove and put a kadai.. put enough oil in it for deep frying. After the oil heats up, add these stuffed, rolled balls and fry them. They should be kept on medium stove and fried till they become golden in color. They are very tasty when eaten hot. 

Did you know that Karrapendalam is a gluten free beet. It is rich in vitamin C and copper. Cholesterol is very low. It helps you to stay fuller for longer. Moreover, the fiber content in it removes your gut problems. Provides better digestion. So you can happily include these in your diet. 

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