Jack Fruit: Who is Jack? Is there so much history behind the name of palm?

Panasa is the largest fruit in the world. It is said that it originated in East Asia and its seed from there reached other countries. Anyway, the whole world has gone crazy for its taste. As soon as the fruit is cut and the pods shed, the aroma reaches the air. Increases the desire to eat. If you buy one fruit, two or three families can eat these fruits evenly. It is called ‘skandha fruit&rsquo in Sanskrit. is called Telugu Pasana. In English, which is spreading rapidly all over the world, ‘Jack Fruit’ is called When hearing the name Jack, many people think that it must be a man’s name. There is a little history behind that name. 

Panama fruit is not today’s fruit but started growing on earth from 300 BC. The importunate man also began to eat. At first they hesitated to eat them after seeing their shape, but once they tasted the broken palm fruit, people did not give up. It is also mentioned in our Puranas. The ancients who lived thousands of years ago also say that they tasted this fruit. It is said that these fruits satisfy their hunger in the forest. 

Who is Jack?
Jack reminds me of the Jack and Jill rhyme. It contains a child named Jack. But Jack here is not a man. The word Jack is derived from the Portuguese word ‘jaca’ Originated from This name is also related to our country. The Portuguese started coming to our country for business. He came to Kozhikode in Kerala in 1499. Lived there for many years. In Malayalam this fruit is called ‘chakka’ is called While pronouncing it, the Portuguese started pronouncing Chakka as Jaka. That’s how the name got fixed in that country. After the Portuguese, the British came to occupy our country. Jacka fruit is slightly changed to jack fruit. So that name is still used by all English people in the world. It is fixed as the name of panasa fruit in English.  

The palm tree grows to a height of 30 to 50 feet. Its specialty is that the fruits are harvested directly from the tree. Even people with diabetes can eat this unsweetened fruit. It contains high protein and high fiber. 

Panasa is called Kathal in Hindi. Known as Fanas in Marathi and Kothal in Assamese. Each language has special names for it. 

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