It is not a handbag but also a gun, exclusively for women’s self-defense

Violence in the name of love, sexual harassment, hooligan riots… There are many problems faced by modern girls. In addition to being courageous, they must have the power to protect themselves. A man who thought like this created a kit for the protection of women. It comes with a handbag, ear rings and sandals. He gave special power to all these three with the help of technology. If these are nearby, help will be provided immediately where the woman is. These were designed by Shyam Chaurasia from Uttar Pradesh. He designed this kit for women’s self-defense.  

A girls/women’s safety weapon developed by Shyam Chaurasia…..Interesting.

— Om M (@OxomiyaDhulia) July 18, 2020

The handbag in this kit is very beautiful to look at, but inside there is an inbuilt gun. Pressing the small red button on the pouch will fire the gun.   It can be used when women have more life-threatening conditions. It is not powerful enough to kill, but it does injure. So you can definitely escape from those situations or from the thug. Also, this kit includes sandals and earrings to help. The earring has GPS. It makes your location known to others through GPS tracking mechanism. It also has an emergency call feature. The sandals also contain electrical waves, kicking the opponent will give them an electric shock. 

Its price is Rs.2497. They should be charged every two weeks. It is going to be released in the market soon. This is a self defense kit that every girl should have. The situation in the society is not good. Girls need to know proper self-defense techniques. 

"The lipstick gun is especially for women’s safety, not only for Indian women but wherever women are facing harassment" – Shyam Chaurasia, inventor.

— Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) April 20, 2020

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