Is snoring bothering you? Complete relief with these simple exercises

Is snoring bothering you?  Complete relief with these simple exercises

KThere is no other comfort in this world than a heart full of food, eyes full of sleep. The food is the same.. the sleep is not getting properly? Is your partner’s snoring bothering you in particular? However, you also understand them. They do not snore on purpose. It comes without them knowing. Many people do not know that because of that snoring, they also do not sleep well. 

When breathing after falling asleep, the tongue, mouth, throat or nasal airways vibrate and this snoring sound is produced. When going to sleep, the muscles around the throat, nose and airways relax. As a result they become loose. Therefore, the airway becomes narrow and sounds come.

Dr. Karan Raj shares through his social media account that certain types of exercises have good results for snoring problem. Exercises to tone and strengthen the tongue and throat muscles are explained.

  • The tongue should be pulled out and held for five seconds. This should be repeated two to four times.
  • To make this exercise stronger, put the spoon across the mouth and press it hard with the tongue. This should be done two to four times for five seconds.
  • Move the tongue from left to right and right to left in the note. Press the cheeks with the tongue while moving like this.
  • Press the cheeks with the hands and try to push the cheeks out with the tongue. While doing this there is light pressure on the cheeks. This should also be done three to four times.
  • Try to swallow pushing the front teeth with the tongue. To make this process more effective, lifting the head and looking up will also stretch the throat muscles. This should also be repeated three to four times.

Such exercises strengthen the tongue and throat muscles. As a result, they are toned and do not close the airway even when they are relaxed while sleeping. As a result, there is no snoring sound. Having strong throat muscles, tongue muscles, and sound sleep will help you wake up refreshed in the morning. It helps to stay active throughout the day. As a result, significant changes in the quality of life can be observed.

Why does snoring occur?

Being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol beyond the limit are also causes of snoring.  Snoring may not be a major health problem. But if you are snoring, you should know that there is danger. Small changes in lifestyle, proper exercise, keeping weight under control and taking small precautions like consuming alcohol in limits can contribute to restful sleep. 

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Note: Information collected from various studies, researches and health journals is provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed.

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