Is eating jalebi with milk beneficial in winter? That’s why they eat it all

Telugu people do not have the habit of eating jalebi without dipping it in milk. Milk is drunk separately and jalebi is eaten separately. We do not know about the combination of the two. But in many parts of our country ‘Dood Jilebi’ is very popular. It is said that jalebi dipped in hot milk is very healthy and should be eaten during winters. Even eat. Once you get used to the combination of these two, you will become addicted to that taste. After all, Dudh Jilebi is a food that is definitely seen in weddings and celebrations in the North.  Many people believe that eating it will heat the body. Not only in our country but also in Pakistan this food combination‌ Good famous. 

What did the ancestors say?
Jelebi is made with jaggery or sugar. Foods made with sugar are not good. So eating jaggery jalebi is good. The ancients believed that eating these jalebis with milk would reduce fatigue, cold, fever, arthritis and back pain. They believe that this will check many problems that come in winter. Their belief is passed down through the generations and is still practiced today. It is their belief that the combination of these two acts as a medicine for many diseases that come in winter. Some say this food is a medicine from heaven. 

Health benefits
And regardless of the old beliefs, we should know what the medical experts are saying now. According to them the combination of jalebi and milk in winter works effectively on stress hormones in our body. This will reduce the pressure. Eating jalebi with hot milk also reduces headaches like migraine. Those who are thin are likely to gain weight by eating this food. It can also relieve asthma. But this dood jelly has a good effect on the body if eaten during breakfast. 

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