International Beer Day 2022: Bro, today is Beer Day – Beer is good for health, these diseases can’t be cured!

Beer‘s ears are ringing. Would you stop if you knew there was a special day for beer like that? ‘‘Come on brother, let’s get drunk’’ They think so. However, before doing that, you should know some interesting facts about beer. In particular, you should be aware of the benefits of beer and how much is good for health.

Every year, the first Friday of August is celebrated as ‘International Beer Day’. So.. today (August 5) we have to wish the beer lovers a happy beer day. Jesse Avshalomov started ‘Beer Day’ in Santa Cruz, California in 2007. 

‘Beer Day’ Why?: You have already guessed. Addicts have many reasons for drinking alcohol. They try to celebrate even the smallest cause with medicine. Such is the case with this beer day. This Beer Day is for enjoying the taste of beer with friends. Moreover, people who serve this beer also share their happiness on this day. ‘beer’ Today is a special day to unite all beer lovers of the world under one banner. This Beer Day was held for the first time in 2007. In 2012, a worldwide poll was conducted and decided to celebrate Beer Day on the first Friday of every August. 

Beer is good for health, but only a threat if it becomes an addiction: It is a fact that alcohol is harmful to health. Not just health, especially if it becomes an addiction. Even life is destroyed. They lose discretion and fall on the road. That addiction makes you stand out in society. However, studies show that there are some health benefits for beer drinkers. According to a study conducted by the Portuguese University, drinking beer improves stomach health. Men drinking beer with dinner increases the levels of good bacteria in their stomachs. Either alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic beer is good.

Beer is prepared as follows: Beer is prepared by mixing barley or wheat grains, some spices, yeast, and water. Beer is prepared in five steps. First the barley, or wheat, is germinated. Then they are converted into liquid by mashing method. The liquid is boiled well and special spices are added. In the fermentation method, bacteria called yeast are mixed in it for storage. That is why beer can be stored for a long time. The taste remains the same for years.  

Some more benefits of beer: 
⦿ Beer is good for diabetics. Polyphenols, which are abundant in beer, regulate sugar levels in the body. Experts have clarified that this benefit can only be consumed in moderation of non-alcoholic beer. 
⦿ In a recent study of 70,000 people, researchers found that drinking non-alcoholic beer occasionally reduced the risk of diabetes.
⦿ Alcoholics who drank pint beer for longer A Texas study reveals that living. If you drink beer in moderation, you will get rid of the risk of death. 
⦿ Beer also has the power to prevent cancer. It prevents colon and liver cancer cells. 
⦿ Beer is said to be bad for the liver. However, beer is good for moderate drinkers. Xanthohomol present in beer is good for the liver.
⦿ Beer is also good for the heart. Drinking less than six pints of medium-strength beer once a week is associated with heart problems. It is better to take such adventures only after consulting a doctor.
⦿ Drinking beer in moderation has many benefits. Beer flushes out toxins from the body. 
⦿ Purifies the skin and gives it a glow. Beer also contains antioxidants, protein and vitamin-B.
⦿ Silicon found in beer strengthens bones. Drinking beer causes tooth decay and infections. So it is good to taste non-alcoholic beer now and then. 

How do good bacteria grow in beer?: Beer contains compounds called polyphenols. Scientists believe that these microbes are formed during the decomposition process. Microorganisms such as these are created during the process of brewing beer. They grow good bacteria. Due to these, diseases like heart failure and diabetes can occur. 

Results only if you drink in moderation: Drinking more than one beer a day is inevitable. If we want to drink two or three bottles a day because beer is said to be good, then other health problems will arise. 

There is no fear of stomach enlargement if we drink like this: Stomach problems will occur only if we go to bed after drinking a full stomach of beer. Follow these instructions to avoid that. There are two types of beers, light and strong. Choose light beer among them. It is also low in calories. Drink plenty of water before drinking beer. You can’t drink too much beer because of this. After drinking beer, walk at least one kilometer. This will melt away all the calories lost with the beer. If you drink too much beer, eat in moderation. However, why bother getting drunk? Isn’t it enough to take it light?! 

No alcohol beer in summer: Drinking beer with alcohol makes you thirsty in summer. The body loses a lot of water. If you drink the same non-alcoholic beer, you will not have those problems. If you want to drink beer in summer, drink non-alcoholic. Drink it only one to three times a week. Drinking this in moderation has many benefits for the body. If you drink too much beer, you will gain weight quickly. Liver damage. Other health problems also follow.

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Important note: Alcohol is injurious to health. Drinking and driving is dangerous, even a crime. (Drinking alcohol can harm your health). Provided as usual. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Regarding health.. you should definitely consult a doctor if you have any doubts. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed.

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