Insomnia is not a minor problem, it can be a sign of cancer

Insomnia is not a minor problem, it can be a sign of cancer

Digestive problems are increasing in modern times. Many people are having trouble with food after eating. But many people are taking this issue very lightly. But medical experts say that indigestion problems can cause colon cancer. When the food we eat is properly digested in the digestive system, it is converted into energy. That energy is received by various organs of the body. If the food is not digested, the organs of the body become sluggish. That is why digestion is so important. Nutrients in the food we eat enter the blood and protect the major organs like the heart. Nutrients reach other organs in the body from the blood. When indigestion occurs, both energy and nutrients are not available to the organs. That is why digestive problems should not be taken lightly. It is important to see a doctor immediately if you have indigestion that lasts for more than a few days.

Indigestion problems can sometimes be a sign of serious diseases such as colon cancer. That is why gastrointestinal problems should be identified and treated at the initial stage. Dyspepsia… If it is caused by colon cancer, there are some symptoms. Pain in lower abdomen. Pain during defecation. Bleeding also occurs. Lose weight. Severe fatigue occurs. Diarrhea becomes more frequent. Stomach feels tight. Be careful if you see these symptoms. Consult the doctor immediately and take appropriate medication.

Exercise should be done to prevent indigestion. Eat light food. It is better not to eat spicy and spicy foods. Eating light fruits and vegetables will not cause any indigestion problems. Dinner should be completed within eight hours. It is very important to have a gap of at least one and a half to two hours between eating and sleeping. Do not stress. Yoga and walking should be done. Do not sleep immediately after eating. If you sleep, the digestive system works sluggishly. One should stay awake for at least an hour after eating. 

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