Indian Food: These are the foods that will bring you luck – it will save you money if it is in your pocket!

Wework hard for something but if we don’t get success in it.. what do we do, we are not lucky.. it is not written for us that’s why we think it happened like this. If it reaches the hand but does not reach the mouth, it is cursed that there is no luck. They say that if the horoscope is good, all it takes is gold and luck will come. Many people believe these things. Adults also say that if something is achieved, it is due to luck. But some people argue that it is all trash. They argue that hard work is the result but luck has nothing to do with it. But some people say that if you make these foods a part of your diet, good luck will follow you. It has been believed since ancient times that taking these will bring happiness, prosperity and luck. And let’s see what those foods bring you luck..!


Mangoes are associated with Goddess Lakshmi. That is why mangoes and fruits are often used as offerings for worship. Mamidakule is also used to make Pooja Kalash. Eating mangoes along with jaggery and coconuts is believed to bring joy and happiness in life. They are also very tasty to eat. Eating, offering or donating mangoes is believed to bring good luck.


In Indian homes, no work is done without ghee. Ghee is a part of Indian culture and Hindu mythology. Ghee has been used in worship since ages. It is believed that lighting a lamp with ghee brings prosperity. It is believed that lighting a lamp with ghee will ward off negative energies in the house.


Keeping some cloves in a bag while going for a special task, chewing them is believed to bring good luck. And why late are you going to any interview? But try carrying some cloves with you. You will know whether you will be successful or not.


Many people believe that cinnamon is a magical spice. Keeping it in your wallet is said to bring financial stability. Keeping it in your purse will help reduce unnecessary expenses.

Red Chillies

According to Indian cultures, red chillies or green chillies are believed to ward off the effects of bad luck and evil forces. . That is why chillies and lemons are tied together and hung on the doorsteps of the houses and vehicles so that they do not catch fire. If they are black, something bad is thought to happen. That’s why they stick new ones when they wither.


Although it may sound strange, fish also bring good luck. In Indian cultures, eating fish or giving it to someone else is believed to bring prosperity and happiness. According to Bengali culture, fish is also given as a gift at the time of marriage. It is said to bring happiness and marital bliss.


According to some cultures the round shape of lentils is associated with financial happiness. Eating and donating them is believed to bring good luck and financial stability.

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