In the process of weight loss, you have also stopped eating roti, so read which one is more beneficial between rice and roti

In the process of weight loss, you have also stopped eating roti, so read which one is more beneficial between rice and roti

Nowadays everyone takes special care of their health and weight keeping in mind their bad lifestyle. In this context, people also take special care of their diet. Whereas some people go to the gym. People who do not have time to go to the gym take special care of their diet. On the other hand, many people do not eat rice at all for weight control. So some people stop eating roti. In such a situation, the biggest question arises, does not eating bread or rice really affect our weight loss? or  It’s just a matter of saying. We researched many places and tried to know the opinion of dieticians and found that both rice and roti have their own importance.

Let us know which of the two, rice or roti, leads to fast weight loss

According to the dietician, both rice and roti are beneficial at their place. It is not at all beneficial to leave anything at all. If you are thinking of reducing your weight then you can do one thing. You can eat roti for 4 days and rice for 2 days in a week. By doing this, variety will remain in your diet. Weight control people can eat both the things. For your information, let us tell you that there is a lot of difference in the nutritional value of roti and rice. That’s why diabetic patients should take care of some special things while eating rice or roti. It is absolutely wrong to starve during weight loss. Doing this can lead to many health problems. 

How much roti and rice should be eaten while reducing weight? >

According to many famous dieticians, ragi, jowar and bajra roti are much more beneficial for weight loss than wheat. Eating bread made of all these things reduces the glycemic index. Because of which the insulin level does not increase. The amount of protein and fiber in these rotis is very high. If you are thinking of eating rice then you can eat brown rice. If you are eating white rice then remove its water completely. However, the quantity of both roti or rice should be determined that how much food is beneficial for health. 

According to the dietician, roti contains gluten while rice is gluten free. People who have the problem of gluten intolerance. They should eat less bread. On the other hand, diabetes patients should eat less rice and more roti. 

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