Immunity Booster Drink : Drink this ‘Amla’ drink; It will help to increase immunity


How To Boost Immunity: Many people felt the need to boost immunity from Corona. And for that people started drinking various Ayurvedic drinks. Many started to draw. Today we are asking you to make an immune boosting drink made from drumsticks called Moringa juice and simply Amla juice. Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Eating amla daily keeps hair, skin and eyes healthy. Eating amla increases immunity and prevents stomach problems.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A and many types of minerals are also found in it. Let’s know its benefits and how to prepare an immune boosting drink. 

How to make an immune booster drink?

To prepare this drink, you take an amla. Add 7-8 moringa leaves or 1 teaspoon of moringa powder to it. Mix it with a glass of water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. 

Benefits of Amla :

Amla and muram help to boost immunity. They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and antioxidants, which strengthen immunity. By drinking this drink daily, the body is able to fight any bacteria.

2. To improve eyesight : Amla and Moringo are very good for the eyes. It increases the light of the eyes. Amla contains carotene which helps in lightening. Consuming moringa also removes eye darkness. It cures cataracts, burning or watery problems. 

Eating karvand and musal increases hemoglobin and removes blood deficiency in the body. Amla increases red blood cells and purifies the blood. Moringa is rich in folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C. 

5. For weight loss : Both amla and drumstick are rich in nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. Drumstick burns calories fast. These two things together help in the breakdown of fat. Drinking this drink reduces belly fat.

Note: All the above items are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers-audience only as information. ABP takes no claim from me. So any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken with expert advice.

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