Immune Boosting Soup Recipe : To avoid seasonal diseases, drink this soup in winter

Immune Boosting Soup Recipe : To avoid seasonal diseases, drink this soup in winter

Immune Boosting Soup Recipe : Infections like cold, fever and cough are more prevalent in winter. So immunity is very important at this time. Because immunity protects the body from bacterial and viral infections. It boosts immunity and protects overall health. It also promotes eye health, skin and lung health. That is why experts suggest taking a balanced diet rich in nutrients. 

Beta carotene is one of the healthiest nutrients. It boosts immunity. Besides, it protects eye health, skin and lung health. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents free radical damage in our body. A soup full of vitamin C.. provides a strong immune system and daily nutrients. 

You can get all these in beta carotene soup. Carotenoid in it.. reduces the effect of some cancers. Vitamin A in this soup helps to boost your immune system. Do you think that is possible? Beta carotene in food is converted into vitamin A after entering the body. It keeps you healthy. How to make this veg soup? What are the essentials? Can it have more health benefits? Now let’s know things like. 


Tomatoes – 3

Beetroots – 2 (small)

Carrot  – 1

Onion – 1

Cumin – half teaspoon

Garam Masala – 1 teaspoon

< p>Salt- enough to taste 

Pepper powder – pinch


First add tomatoes, beetroot, carrot, Finely grate the onions. Put all these in the cooker. Add cumin seeds to it.. Add a cup of water and cook till it whistles. Wait until all the pressure is released. Wait until the pressure in the cooker is released.. and it cools down. Now put the cooked vegetables in the blender.. Blend until it becomes a soft paste. 

Cooking the vegetables and making a paste like this will reduce the raw smell in the vegetables. Now light the stove and put a non-stick pan. After it gets hot, add the mixed vegetable paste. Then add garam masala, chilli and salt and mix well. Keep it until it boils well.. Stop the stove. If you drink it when it’s hot.. leaving the cold in the morning.. you will be active throughout the day. People with diabetes can also take this hot soup. And why late.. Cold morning.. Make hot soup and drink it. 

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