If you eat this huge thali completely, you will get a prize of Rs 8.5 lakh, Modi’s birthday special

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday is celebrated by his fans in many different ways. A restaurant owner in Delhi has announced a single reward of eight and a half lakhs. All you have to do to get that cash is to eat the huge thali he puts out. Many people are ready to try after seeing the prize. But it takes a lot of courage to eat that huge thali. This competition is not only for this day but also for about 10 days. So you can go and try anytime within ten days. If you finish the huge thali served by him in 40 minutes, you can get eight and a half lakh rupees. 

Suveet Kalra, the owner of the restaurant said that Narendra Modi will complete 72 years on September 17 and said that this competition was held to honor him as the Prime Minister of the country. He said that he will definitely give the gift, don’t have any doubt about it. 

How many dishes…
This huge thali contains 56 types of dishes. There are 20 types of curries in it. Also there are biryanis, chapati, roti and desserts. All this should be done in just 40 minutes. Whoever completes it will be given a cash prize of eight and a half lakhs. Kedar Nath‌ An opportunity to visit the shrine will be provided.   Many restaurants have organized similar competitions in the past too.  Earlier, a restaurant in Vijayawada also offered ‘Baahubali Thali’ A reward of one lakh rupees was announced. It consists of 30 dishes. That thali should be completed in just half an hour. A young man ate the thali in half an hour and won the prize. 

Health care…
Eight and half lakh rupees money is sure to attract you. But think about what will happen to your health if you eat that much. Sometimes hospitalization may be required. Half of what you earn may go to the hospital. So think before going to such competitions.  Because if you eat too much food, your body’s organs will also work too much. Due to this they get overtired and fall ill. Sometimes serious illness may also occur.

Delhi-based restaurant to launch ’56inch Modi Ji’ Thali on PM’s birthday

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