If these symptoms occur in the feet, it is better to get a liver test done

If these symptoms occur in the feet, it is better to get a liver test done

Liver is also one of the important parts of the body. If it doesn’t work properly, it can lead to loss of life. It protects the body by removing harmful substances from the blood. Regulates blood sugar levels by producing and storing glucose. Liver is essential for digesting fats, absorbing vitamins and regulating blood cholesterol levels. That’s why many health problems surround the liver if it gets damaged. Even living becomes difficult. Fatty liver disease affects the liver. It can be difficult to detect in the early stages, but some health problems can be detected as the disease progresses. But many people don’t know this. When the liver is not working properly it can leave excess fluid. It reaches the bottom of the body and accumulates in the form of toxins. That is, the name is lost in the feet. This is called peripheral edema. Then the feet look swollen and puffy. Pain also occurs. Some liver diseases like cirrhosis also cause ‘portal hypertension’ cause the situation. It also causes the veins in the legs and feet to become unhealthy. 

Itchy feet 
Itching in the feet is very easy to take. But it is a symptom of liver disease. Itchy feet are a common symptom, especially in liver diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis. Due to damage to the bile ducts in the liver, excess bile accumulates in the body. This causes itching. Hands and feet are very itchy. This itching is more common in the feet. 

Cramps in the legs and feet are very common. But if you have frequent cramps, you should take it seriously. People with hepatitis C infection or alcoholic liver disease are more likely to experience numbness and tingling in the feet. Nerves in the arms and legs are also affected.

Other Symptoms
Some other common symptoms of liver disease may also occur, according to the Mayo Clinic.

1. Skin and eyes turn yellow.
2. Stomach pain and swelling.
3. Skin itches.
4. The color of urine becomes dark.
5. Faeces become lighter in color.
6. Fatigue is severe

When these symptoms appear frequently it is best to get a liver test done. 

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