How to Store Flour: Can flour go bad? What is the right way to store flour, know today

How to Store Flour: Can flour go bad?  What is the right way to store flour, know today

How to Store Flour: Most people buy flour in bulk and leave it in the pantry for days and months, but do you ever check its expiry date? There is no denying that flour is considered a non-perishable food, but for how long does it stay fresh? Well, if you also find these questions confusing, then you need to know for how long the flour remains fresh or for how many days we can store it and eat it. Today, in this article, we will tell these things related to health, for how long your flour remains edible.

Can flour go bad?

In most Indian households, flour is one of the most essential kitchen ingredients, often bought in bulk and portions of it packed in canisters. But did you know that opening the bag of flour and leaving it in the wrong conditions can spoil its original taste and texture and in some cases lead to the growth of pathogens.

How long can flour stay fresh?

Well, most of the flours are commercially packed in airtight bags/containers and can stay fresh only for 2-3 months after opening the pack, if not packed in right condition. Thus, it is essential to store flour properly to ensure that the flour in your pantry is fresh and usable. Here are some simple ways to store refined flour to retain its texture and taste.

The right way to store flour?

Learn the best way to preserve the freshness of flour right after you open the pack…

By transferring it to a dry and airtight container, this way you can extend the shelf life of the flour up to 2 years.

Make sure you do not touch the flour with wet hands or transfer it to a moist container and store it in a dry place. Moisture often spoils the taste, texture and leads to the growth of pathogens.

Refined flour and all purpose flour have better shelf life as compared to flour derived from nuts, cereals. Flours like almond, oats and millet have a shelf life of about 1 year if stored properly.

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