How To Protect Private Parts: Do you know how to protect your private parts from infections?

How To Protect Private Parts: Do you know how to protect your private parts from infections?

How to keep hygiene of private parts Male and Female : Sexual activity is necessary for every man. Experts say that it is good for their mental and physical health. But whether it is good or not, if you participate in this activity, you will be affected by sexually transmitted infections. Realize that we should be clean not for others but for our own health. Whether sexual hygiene is necessary.. not many people discuss about this. 

Recognizing that this is also a part of sex education (Sex Education).. one should have minimum knowledge about sexual hygiene. Do you have regular sex? But you are more likely to experience discomfort or infection. Especially women are more likely to suffer from this type of problem. Along with minor problems like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, life-long diseases like AIDS are transmitted. These effects are especially strong if you have sex with more partners. But a person who engages in sexual activities regularly should follow some hygiene tips. How to naturally protect your private parts from infections.. Now let’s find out.

Shave or not?

Women and men have hair in that area. It plays an important role in spreading germs and bacteria. You can shave if you want to protect your private area. However, you can remove the hair there for your health, but experts say you should not remove it for beauty. Moreover, it is better not to shave there.. so as not to spread germs and bacteria.. they say that the hair in that area should be trimmed. It is said that if you shave, the layer there will be removed and you will feel discomfort.  

No sex in those places..

It is good to engage in sexual activity when you feel the desire but.. it should not be done anywhere. Some plan it on beaches for fantasies. But experts say it is better not to participate in this activity in such places. Because without knowing.. there is a risk of sand and dust particles entering your body. It will cause you discomfort and infections. 
To sum it up.. it is better not to engage in this activity in public places.. dirty areas. Air and dirt can cause infections without knowing it.. it is better to avoid it in exposed places. 

Dental care..

Sexual hygiene includes oral hygiene. Cleanliness is absolute. Any romantic mood starts with a kiss. This is the key.. many people do not pay attention to this. Kissing can transfer bacteria. So wash your mouth before and after sex. Brush teeth frequently. Floss. Avoid highly acidic foods. Chewing gum and mouth fresheners also reduce the bacteria in the mouth.

Vaginal cleanliness..

Girls should not compromise on vaginal cleanliness. Because it can damage your overall health. The cleaner you look after it, the better your health will be. So you should clean your vagina before and after sex. Choose products that do not disturb your natural pH balance. You should definitely clean the area after intercourse. Otherwise.. bacteria can grow very quickly. So wash your genitals regularly with warm water. Always keep the underwear clean. If you follow these.. you can protect your private parts from regular infections.

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