Here’s how to get rid of acidity.


  • Acidity If inflammation of the stomach occurs immediately after ingestion of food
  • Desperate damage if neglected in case of gas trouble

Dietitians say that making small changes in lifestyle as well as eating habits can say goodbye to acidity. How to identify a gas problem? What are the important reasons for the onset of acidity? What precautions should be taken when it comes to acidity? Medical experts say that everyone should be aware of such minimal issues.

These are the symptoms of acidity.

Feeling nauseous for a few hours after eating, feeling dizzy or having a vomiting sensation .. it’s a gastric problem. Excessive sweating and burning sensation in the heart Digestive problems Although often seen, there is a problem with constipation .. All these are symptoms of acidity. If these symptoms persist for a long time, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Many people use non-prescription tablets and syrups to reduce inflammation in the stomach. It is not advisable to ask at a drugstore and buy something that is not prescribed by a doctor. In other words .. There are a lot of home tips to relieve acidity.
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వాము ..

It is rich in vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants that we use in our daily recipes. Acidity and bloating will go away if you take it raw. Lightly fry the worms and mix this mixture with ghee and rice to reduce the grass trouble. It has the property of making food easily digestible. Adding thyme powder to lemon juice reduces the sour taste.

Anise seeds ..

Boiling anise seeds in water and drinking that hot water will not cause acidity problem. The anti-ulcer properties of anise show immediate relief from the acidity problem. If you chew some anise seeds immediately after eating rice, the digestive process will be normal. Soak the anise seeds in water overnight and drink it with honey the next day. Acidity Get relief from. Drink this water at least three times a day.

Milk .. Yogurt

Drinking a glass of milk regularly on a daily basis can cause gas trouble. It is better to drink cold milk than hot milk. Ayurvedic doctors say that it reduces stomach inflammation, sourness, nausea and heartburn. Calcium in milk neutralizes the acid produced in the stomach. Yogurt also has the property of controlling acidity. Yogurt is a natural probiotic that helps in smooth digestion.

Honey .. sweet medicine

Some research has shown that drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey provides immediate relief from acidity. There is more benefit in adding honey to lemon juice. Ayurvedic doctors say that cinnamon powder mixed with honey taken before lunch or dinner will not cause acidity.
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Coriander or coriander ..

Coriander and coriander work well for stomach acid control. Consumption of just 10 ml of coriander juice gives immediate relief from grass trouble. This coriander juice can be mixed with lukewarm water or buttermilk. Coriander is dried, roasted and dried. The powder is mixed with rice and eaten to regulate the digestive process. This coriander powder can also be used in curries. If you feel nausea and indigestion, green coriander is also good. Coriander has the property of controlling the vomiting sensation.

Fresh fruits ..

Fruits are a good food to protect against indigestion and acidity problems. The fiber in fresh fruits is very good for digestion. Consumption of any two fresh fruits per day should not cause gas trouble in the stomach. Health experts say it is better to stop eating spicy snacks in the evening.

If severe acidity ..

Doctors say that if the cough is prolonged and the throat feels hoarse, it is a serious acidity. Even if the cat looks like a dog while swallowing food, it should not be neglected at all if it gets tired. Stool turns black when medications are used for some other diseases. If such a situation occurs it must be explained to the doctors. Having a similar condition for more days can gradually lead to severe acidity.
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Causes of Gross Trouble Problem ..

Health experts say that the acidity problem definitely comes if you go to bed immediately after eating. Also .. Even if you are overweight, drinking alcohol, smoking habit, the problem of gross trouble arises. Acidity starts with eating spicy food and drinking coffee and tea in excess of the daily dose. People who eat before going to bed are more likely to produce acid and develop acidity problems.

It is better to follow these ..

Anyone with or without acidity should plan to eat more often in small doses. Food should be eaten slowly, chewing thoroughly and slowly. Drink plenty of water. Walking must be done immediately after dinner at night. Body weight should be kept under control. Smoking and drinking should be stopped. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

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