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This is something that is familiar to all women. Festive at home, or something good. Everyone in the office plans a picnic together, no matter what the restroom facilities are. College kids go on a tour of something together, traveling on trains, buses. Vacation planning, where the beach will be. With these Periods The only way to avoid a clash is to take medicine to delay the period. Once upon a time there was no such solution but it was made possible by the advances taking place in medicine. Due to the convenience given by this medicine many things are going on in Chulag. However, no matter how convenient it is, there is as much criticism on the use of this medicine. Some even doubt whether it is good in the long run. Here is the answer to this doubt.

Is it safe?

It is medically safe. There are safe, reliable options available to slightly change the hormonal functioning that causes the period to come on a regular basis each month. Many women also use the same contraceptives used for birth control. This will occasionally give you a chance to miss the period. Also, hormonal pills and patches work to postpone the period.

Anytime, taking hormone regulating pills before the period date works to postpone the period for some need. If you want to delay the period for a little longer, you need pills that work more effectively. Some of these are gaining in a combined-contraceptive form.

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Fertility ..

Pills used to delay periods, or long-term birth control medicines contain estrogen and progestin. These are available in a pocket that fits twenty-eight days. Hormones released during the first three weeks suppress fertility, resulting in a delayed menstrual cycle. However, these require more time to work, even if they may not meet everyone’s needs. Medicines should be taken keeping in view your preference, choice, schedules and other health conditions. Extended use birth control, IUD devices, rings, patches, injectables are also common options. All of these work by releasing hormones into the body so they should be used regularly according to their dosing schedule. Missing a single dose may not work as effectively.

Benefits ..

The period will not be a comfort to anyone. Will not like. Period time affects productivity levels. Deciding to delay the period when you have to attend an important event, but also manage other health conditions is not so easy. Occasionally, these options also help to deal with the physical and mental blockages that make periods problematic. Choosing heavy dose birth control can be of some help to those with medical conditions exacerbated by menstruation such as endometriosis and severe anemia. People with high levels of PMS use hormonal pills to reduce their problems and manage their life in a better way.

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Side effects ..

There are no major side effects to halting your period to your liking. The use of birth control pills alters the working of reproductive hormones in the body. Birth control pills do not have many side effects. The only problem is withdrawal bleeding, which is the bleeding that occurs during the use of inactive hormones. This usually happens in the fourth week. This Withdrawal Bleeding is not menstrual bleeding. It is with less flow than period flow. As the body slowly gets used to it, it also shrinks.

Drawbox ..

It’s a kind of drawback for women who are sexually active. Because, periods do not come so it is not known whether pregnancy came or not. Focus on things like morning sickness and breast tenderness. Some women who have started long term birth control experience nausea, cramps, bloating and mood swings. These also adjust slowly. Other than these, there are no big drawbacks yet.

Who can ..

According to Proper Medical Advice, delaying the period as long as it takes is a safe and effective option. However, it still looks like a controversial decision. Some people are reluctant to use them, as they may have long-term health consequences that affect reproduction. Although it can be difficult to manage a period due to any health condition, it is a woman’s decision to delay the period knowing that the period will come at an inconvenient time. However, it needs to be done as per the instructions of a doctor, then you will know all the options available and you will be able to manage your bicycle properly.

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Tipless ..

Even if you have doubts about the effectiveness of hormone regulating pills and doubt whether they have any health effects, it is better to choose natural methods. There is no clarity so far on which method works and what does not, but there is no harm in trying. Consumption of acidic foods such as apple cider vinegar, lemon, gelatin, gram lentils and raspberry leaves are believed to delay periods. Exercising can also have the expected result.

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.

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