History of Writing: When and where did the process of writing begin? Are those figures letters?

Where did writing begin:  

When you write letters…have you ever thought about where their birth began..? Who wrote the first letter..? Did you ask in which language..? Now we have pens, pencils..such various tools. Did you know how to write back then? We are writing and reading, so we must know all this history. Because…our literacy is the cause of our survival. If we go into history…the mention of this is seen a lot. Let us try to know that history.

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Writing just started..

There are many civilizations in history. The lifestyle of man has changed in different ways in each civilization. After a few thousand years, we are now experiencing modern civilization. In this journey…letters were born. As early as 3000BC "writing" The process has started. Do you know who invented it? The Sumerians in Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia). There are still people of this tribe in southern Iraq. The Sumerians started the process of writing as part of their reign. When essentials were distributed to the people, there was no account book when the goods had to be stored. How much milk do we have? How many goods are there in the warehouses? It became difficult for them to remember that. That’s when a light bulb lit up in their minds. They thought that if all these calculations were written down, there would be no need to remember them every day. That’s why…they bring big boulders and record the details of the goods on them. That is…in the form of photos. These are called Pictographs. Take a look at the image given below.


This stone found in southern Iraq… "Writing" (Origins of Writing) brings the process to our eyes. Although we don’t see everything clearly in this….Historians are explaining what is on this stone. At that time, beer was provided as part of the daily ration to give energy to those who worked hard. They carve stones on the rocks to find out how much beer is left in the godown. In this photo the down arrow symbol‌ Looks like. At that time Beer‌ Symbol. This is due to the invention of the Sumerians "Sumerian Writing" The name is fixed. Historians say that they used to carve this on the rocks with a sharp tool. When they started carving like this..since then it was very simple for them‌ Process seemed. That’s why they started drawing symbols on the soil and rocks wherever they fell like this. Gradually it became a part of their lifestyle. 

Mostly in the Middle East‌..

This syllabic writing system is called Cuneiform. Middle‌ Most common in East‌ This continued until the early days of the Bronze Age. This writing is very extensive until the Common Era begins. The people then followed the process. This is it "Wedge Shaped Marks"known as That is…to carve very sharp. It continued for about 600 years. After that gradually…it simplified. These cuneiform symbols‌ Everything started to be gathered in one place. 
Looking at them…started to wince. That is… some symbols are placed side by side and started to be read together. That…became a language. Commencement of communication. Since then, they started to express or show what they thought in their mind. Another specialty is that…the people of that time did not stop with just communication…this is syllabic writing‌ Also wrote stories in System. About 15 languages ​​were written through this process. Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian…and many more. This cuneiform‌ Historians say that the Egyptians invented a new syllabic system. Its name is Hieroglyphics. We can see it on some historical buildings in Egypt.

Indus Script

During the Indus Civilization, the Indus people also wrote the Pictographs script. This is known as Indus Script. If not..there is very little evidence for this. Only 5 marks are found at most. Hence it is called the Mysterious Indus Valley Script‌ Historians say. Leaving aside whether it is understood or not…this is the first writing form in the Indian subcontinent. These symbols‌ There are those who argue that Brahmi, Devanagari and Bengali scripts originated from… There are also those who say no. Regardless of anyone’s arguments…"writing" It is clear from the history that the process started in Sumerian civilization. 

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