History of Eating Meat: When did people start eating meat? Is there a link to our brain size and diet?

History of Eating Meat:

Sunday means having meat..

Everyone waits for Sunday to come. Not just to take a rest. Also to make a delicious dinner. And Sunday dinner means… without meat..? Chicken, Mutton, Fish. One of these has to be pulled. Again there are many varieties of these. Some people feel that if they don’t eat meat, Sunday is incomplete. It is also strongly said that there is no lump without a lump. For some people, if the meat is being spiced, half of the stomach is filled with that smell. It’s all right. Have you ever thought when did humans get used to eating meat? Do you know when the idea of ​​eating meat was born? Let’s know those interesting things now. 

Why did we have to eat meat..? 

Eating meat is the biggest step in human evolution. Historians call it a turning point. Although it is not possible to say exactly when it started…according to the evidence found…it seems that meat drying started 2.5 million years ago. People who walked with two legs in human evolution "Hominin"It is called That is… Hominin anatomy is very close to present day human form. They have their roots in East, Central and South Africa. Hominins that roamed the earth two and a half million years ago had very large mouths with 32 teeth. The jaws were also large. There were four sharp teeth at the corners of the jaws. Some researches say that these teeth have become weapons for hunting and eating meat. 
The real question is why our Yan‌sisters‌, who ate fruits, leaves and tubers until then, still ate meat. 

That drought showed a new way..

Exactly 2.5 million years ago the earth warmed badly. Due to climate change…the area of ​​forests has decreased. Greenery disappeared. The land has turned into a desert. Adi humans filled their stomachs with fruits and leaves found till then "hunger" It became known. That hunger gave birth to a new idea. They all felt that they needed new energy to survive. They just learned to live in groups…they started hunting for food. They hunted animals like zebras and hyenas and ate their meat. But…there is another argument here. Others say that they did not know hunting back then and they used to separate the meat from animal carcasses and eat them. Gradually…there was a change in their food style. Feeling that the meat is tasty…that’s what they eat most of the time. Neanderthal‌ Some studies make it clear that 70% of the food consumed by Neanderthals was meat. History says that they were the ones who used fire the most. It is said that eating meat after burning started from them. Historians have said on several occasions that eating meat on a daily basis became a part of their lifestyle. 

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Sharp weapons..

20 lakh years There are also some other evidences to say that meat eating started earlier. According to archaeological records…"Handyman" "Homo Habilis"They used sharp knives made of stone to cut meat. Research done in Kenya has shown that similar weapons were used 2 million years ago. Excavations in this area found thousands of knives made of stone. That’s not all. Weapons made of animal bones were also found. The jaws and teeth of our ancestors were much larger than ours. In fact…the shape of their mouths only supports eating plants or fruits. But…due to famine…when meat was not eaten, they caught the animal carcasses and cut them with sharp weapons and ate the pieces raw. They also use sharp stones for this purpose. With the sharp weapons used to extract beets from the soil…they break the heads of the animals and eat them. Gradually..get used to digesting them. 

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Does meat make us human? 

Compared to primitives…our brain size is huge. This brain needs a ton of energy to function properly. About 20% of our body’s energy is spent on brain work alone. But…there is an argument that the first humans started eating meat for this energy. It is said that meat played a vital role in those days for the brain to work actively. Some scientists, however, argue that meat is what made us modern humans. As mentioned earlier, Hominins mostly lived by eating fruits, leaves and seeds. These wear out quickly. That means..digestive energy is used up a lot. However, the size of the stomach has increased during human evolution. There are also changes in digestion. More food was needed for energy. For this, digestive energy is expended. Meat is a high protein food. In order to satisfy their hunger, they eat meat daily.

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Why do you like meat so much? 

Whenever there was fire…then it became easier to digest meat. Started eating raw meat. The energy required for aging gradually decreased. As a result..the brain is working well…the size has increased. Eating meat is human‌ It has become very common in life now. Then…primitives ate because they needed meat. Now we are eating as much as we like. That’s the difference. No matter how much we want it..our roots are within us. That’s why…man likes meat so much. Of course…when different cultures and customs arose…food habits changed. But…the man did not completely give up the drying of meat. So..this is our word "Meat history". 

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