herbal tea: Drinking this tea reduces digestive problems .. The skin also glows .. – best tea for digestion and skin problems know here all in telugu


  • Tea that relieves digestive problems
  • The skin also glows

According to Ayurveda .. your body is made up of five elements similar to the Panchabhutas. Fire is one of them. Basically the digestive system in our body represents fire. Fire performs functions such as digestion in the body. Extracts nutrients from the food we eat. Thereby converting food into energy. A strong digestive system keeps the intestines healthy. Experts believe that a weakened digestive system can lead to poor intestinal health and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Experts suggest that if you want your digestive system to be regular, you should include tea made with Ayurveda in your diet so that you can enjoy its amazing benefits.

Many problems can arise if the food we eat is not digested. Changing eating habits, lack of exercise and irregular lifestyle have made common problems like bloating, stomach discomfort and gas. Flatulence is a disorder of the digestive tract. Stomach bloating is caused by obstruction in the movement of muscles in the digestive system due to excessive gas production. This problem can be caused by overeating, overeating and overeating fatty foods. Medications are available for this. However, Ayurvedic experts say that we can check this problem with the ingredients available in our house. In the past, people from other countries used to come to our country and trade only for spices. Many of the spices we use in our home have medicinal properties.

However, experts say that drinking tea made with ayurvedic ingredients is very active and protects the body from toxins. The pepper in this tea gives it a spicy taste, especially as it improves intestinal health. Metabolism is the rate at which the food you eat is converted into energy. If your metabolism is fast you will always look energetic and healthy. Also gain weight easily. Because your body burns calories effectively to keep you fit. The combination of ingredients like ginger, black salt, honey, pepper will boost your overall metabolism.
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If you are looking for weight loss drinks, add tea made with these ayurvedic ingredients to your regular diet regularly. This tea dissolves the fat in your body as well as prevents hunger pangs This tea has an amazing effect as it expels toxins from the body. This Ayurvedic tea provides essential vitamin C to the body. When this tea is mixed with lemon juice, this mixture provides an adequate dose of vitamin C to the body. This ayurvedic tea boosts your immune system and improves the iron rate in the body. It also controls blood pressure.

Ingredients for making Ayurvedic tea:

One liter of water, a pinch of pepper powder, a piece of ginger, two tablespoons of honey, one to two tablespoons of lemon juice, black salt to taste, three cloves


First put the pan on the stove and pour water in it and heat on high flame. Once the water in the pan is heated, add a pinch of pepper powder, cloves, honey and black salt. Then add ginger paste to the pan. Once the mixture has boiled, bring the flame on the stove to medium range. Now put the tea mixture in the sim for 15 minutes. Once the tea has cooled slightly add the lemon juice in it. Now strain the tea. Pouring this tea in cups and drinking it while it is warm is very good for health. Take this ayurvedic tea before going to bed at night for better results. However it is better to think of this prevention method as just a tip. Consult a doctor if bloating and other problems are severe.

Tip: If you can’t use pepper powder in Ayurvedic tea, you can use dried black pepper.

Uses of Drinking Ayurvedic Tea:

This ayurvedic tea reduces not only digestive problems but also skin problems. It makes wrinkles and age spots on the skin disappear. This tea relieves sinuses. The presence of eugenol reduces nasal problems. Cloves contain vitamin E and vitamin K. These fight bacteria. They also reduce fever. Reduces gum and toothache. It has antibacterial properties to enhance digestion and help relieve other ailments.

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.

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