Heartcare: Staying in AC for most of the day? Heart care

Heartcare: Staying in AC for most of the day?  Heart care

Winter is coming. The nights are slowly getting colder. Many people like to stay in AC all day whether it’s winter or not. AC is kept all day for computers in offices. Employees are also staying in AC. This can seriously affect their health. Some can tolerate the cold, but many cannot. Unknowingly it affects their health a lot. The heart is especially affected. Staying in ACs for long periods of time can cause us to shiver a little without knowing it. It is not good for the heart. Fluctuations in hormones in the body. Due to this, fatty deposits in blood vessels obstruct blood flow. Due to this there is a possibility of heart attack. 

During the winter, blood pressure increases and decreases. This can lead to BP problem.  The effect affects the heart. The risk of heart attack increases. Problems like asthma also increase. People who stay in AC all the time get lung problems quickly. Oxygen levels decrease when not enough air enters the lungs. This can lead to heart problems. It puts a lot of pressure on the heart. 

People who have a habit of eating late at night are also likely to get heart problems due to staying in AC for a long time. Eating food that is especially full of salt, spices, spices and oils puts a lot of pressure on the heart. Staying in AC makes the body work hard to digest food. So eat very light food at night. People who spend a lot of time in ACs get nose and throat problems. Dry throat. This causes respiratory problems. 

Those who spend a lot of time in AC are likely to get headaches. Air conditioning makes the whole room dry. Due to this, all the people in ACs are affected by dehydration. At least they don’t recognize that. The problem of dry skin also increases. Skin rashes also occur. So use of AC should be reduced. Coldness is not good for the body. So try to walk in the sun for at least an hour a day. 

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