Heartburn Remedies: Do you often suffer from heartburn? Try this once

Due to changing lifestyle and eating habits, gastric problem is a problem that is bothering everyone regardless of whether they are young or old. It causes heartburn and difficulty in breathing. Burning in the chest usually occurs in the evening after eating or while lying down. Many people are getting relief from it by following small tips. In order to avoid that problem, we can overcome it by making small changes in our lifestyle.  

Why does the chest burn?

It is better not to eat too much in the evening. Many people wonder if they will be hungry. But it will harm us. Due to this dangerous acids are generated in our stomach. Do not sleep immediately after eating. People with obesity problem are more affected by this burning in the chest. Even if you are under a lot of pressure, take a lot of caffeine, drink alcohol, eat spicy food made with chocolates and tomatoes often, gas is formed in the stomach and it causes heartburn.

How to recognize heartburn?

Discomfort in the abdomen, sore throat, hot flashes in the back of the stomach are signs of heartburn. Heartburn bothers us for a few hours. Pain in the chest while bending or lying down. Excessive burning in the throat and difficulty in swallowing are also signs of this.  

How to get relief?

Eating banana fruit: Banana fruit is a good solution to get rid of stomach trouble. People suffering from heartburn should eat ripe banana. The potassium present in it provides relief from the acids that cause discomfort in the stomach.

Diet chewing gum: Sugar free chewing gum increases the production of saliva. Due to this, it reduces the harmful acids in our stomach and controls heartburn to some extent. We should make a diet chart and follow it by staying away from the things that cause us trouble.

Eat little by little: If we eat too much because of hunger, it will cause acidity problem. That’s why you should eat little by little. Even while eating, one should make a habit of eating slowly and not overeating.

Tightness  Don’t wear clothes: Don’t wear a tight belt, don’t wear tight clothes. Wearing tight  clothes puts pressure on the stomach.

Eat quickly: Eat food on time. We should eat about 3 hours before bedtime. Going to sleep immediately after eating increases the chances of heartburn due to the acids released in our stomach. Not only sleeping but the way you sleep is also important. It is better to sleep on the left side. By doing that our digestive system works properly. Make sure that your chest and head are higher than your feet.

Lose weight: If you are overweight it will affect your stomach. It is very dangerous for your heart. Try to lose as much weight as possible.     

Do not smoke: Smoking should be stopped. Smoking reduces the production of saliva. Due to this, acids form in the stomach.

If you are suffering from frequent chest pains, you should consult a doctor immediately. If it is neglected, it can become a big risk. Even if one tablet is swallowed frequently without doctor’s prescription, it causes burning in the chest.  

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