Heart Problems: Hair can tell if you are prone to heart disease in the future

Heart Problems: Hair can tell if you are prone to heart disease in the future

Irrespective of age, a large percentage of people are now affected by heart disease. Researchers believe that knowing the possibility of heart disease and heart attack in advance can prevent any problem and save lives. A study was conducted for that. Their research found that hair can predict the risk of future heart attacks. They felt that predicting heart disease by hair represented a breakthrough in science. 

How to tell?
Stress is a major cause of heart disease. If stress is high, chances of heart attack and heart disease are high. Researchers say measuring stress hormone levels in hair can predict future risk of cardiovascular disease. Glucocorticoid levels in hair can predict the risk of heart disease. By measuring the steroid hormones secreted in the body in response to stress, the possibility of heart related diseases can be known. Chronic stress affects overall health. These studies show that people who have high glucocorticoid levels in their hair over a long period of time are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. Their hair samples were analyzed for cortisol and cortisone levels. Both of these are stress hormones. Both of these have long-term associations with cardiovascular disease. People with chronically high levels of cortisone in their hair are twice as likely to have a heart attack, researchers say. Those under the age of 57 are three times more likely to have a heart attack. Researchers believe that in the future, hair analysis may be the best test to determine the risk of heart disease. Stress damages the whole body. The function of the organs deteriorates. So try to reduce stress. Do things you like when you feel the pressure. Take a break and return to the cool air. Studies show that walking can reduce stress to a great extent. 

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