Heart Health: The risk of heart attack is higher in men, what is the reason behind this? Read this

Cause Of Heart Attack In Males : Due to today’s busy lifestyle Heart-related diseases appear to be on the rise. The incidence of heart disease has been on the rise in recent times. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in deaths from heart attacks and heart-related illnesses. In this too, Heart Attack is more common. & Nbsp;

Do you know the reason why men have more heart disease than women? One of the reasons for this is lifestyle but apart from this the big reason behind this is the biological texture of men. For the same reason, different symptoms of the same disease occur in men and women. Men’s hearts are larger than women’s. & Nbsp;

Women’s heart beats faster than men’s. If a woman is stressed, her pulse rate increases. So when men are stressed, the arteries in their heart constrict, which raises blood pressure. Find out the causes of heart disease in men.

Causes of heart disease in men & nbsp;

1. High cholesterol.
High cholesterol is also a cause of heart disease. Cholesterol plaques form in the arteries. Cholesterol plaque is the accumulation of cholesterol that makes the arteries thicken. Cholesterol plaque builds up, damaging blood vessels. Cholesterol plaques form in the largest arteries in men. This increases the risk of heart attack.

2. Less body movement
Men have less body movement. Mostly women are active in all activities. Men, on the other hand, tend to be more sedentary. For example, sitting in one place in the office, working, driving, men do not move much. This results in less movement of the male body resulting in a higher risk of heart attack.

3. Problems with High Blood Pressure
Problems with high blood pressure are a major cause of heart attack and heart disease. Blood pressure problems are different in men and women. Young people have higher blood pressure than young people. High blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease in men.

4. Low Testosterone Levels
Low testosterone levels are related to your physical ability. This increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The hormone testosterone keeps metabolism good and controls high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. In this case, low testosterone levels can make you a heart attack patient. & Nbsp;

5. Alcohol and smoking
India has a higher proportion of men among alcoholics and smokers. Alcohol and smoking increase the risk of heart disease. Women drink less alcohol and smoke than men. This puts men at a higher risk of heart attack than women.

Note: ABP is conveying all the above to the readers-audience only as my information. From this ABP makes no claim of mine. Therefore, any treatment, diet and medication should be taken on the advice of an expert.

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