Heart Attack: This is a blood test that can detect the risk of heart attack early and is best done after the age of 40

Heart Attack: Heart attack, cardiac arrest comes suddenly. They come and take lives before their symptoms are felt. Doctors are finding many diseases at the initial stage through blood test. And can’t find the chances of getting a heart attack? There is also a blood test for that, but very few people know about it. This blood test is called cardio-C reactive protein (hsCRP). Doing this test regularly can help doctors detect a heart attack before it happens. 

ANT Test
The Cardio-C Reactive Protein test measures the level of CRP (C Reactive Protein) in the body. can smell When there is an infection anywhere in the body, the level of CRP increases in the blood. Cardio C reactive protein (hsCRP) is more sensitive than C reactive protein (CRP). So it also increases. When hsCRP levels are elevated in a man it can cause blockages in the heart arteries of that person. This can lead to heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke. So getting the hsCRP test will tell you what level it is. If its levels are high, doctors start treatment before heart attacks. 

Not all at once…
Something can’t be done once and for all. People with chest pain, extreme lethargy, obesity, and family history of heart attack should get this test done more often. Doctors assess the likelihood of a heart attack by taking continuous readings and observing changes in them. If high readings are registered, one should be careful. It means that you are likely to have a heart attack in the near future. 

Cardio C-reactive protein or h‌S‌cr‌p has become very popular recently. Some types of diseases and illnesses cause inflammation in the body. Stress, any infection, rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation. It is harmful to the body if it stays for a long time. It is associated with complications like heart attack, sudden death, angioplasty, bypass.  

Must be over 40
All those over forty should definitely get their heart health checked. In this, diabetes, cholesterol, liver function, kidney, chest X-ray, ECG, echocardiography should be done. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking habit, alcohol habit, obesity, you should definitely get regular blood tests and be careful. 

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