Health Tips : Why tears come from eyes while cutting onion? ‘This’ is the scientific reason behind it

Health Tips : Why tears come from eyes while cutting onion?  ‘This’ is the scientific reason behind it


Why Onion Makes us Cry : Different types of vegetables are cut every day in kitchens around the world. Onion is also included in this. Everybody knows onion. It is a very simple vegetable which is used daily in all our homes. Onion is used in every dish of food. For example, onion is used in every dish like dal, bhaji, bhaji, pulao rice.  Used in cooking, frying and making salads. However, have you ever wondered why your eyes water when you cut an onion? What are the properties of onions that make the eyes water? Let’s know more information in this regard.        

…this makes the eyes water

Cutting an onion not only brings tears from the eyes, but it also causes severe burning and itching of the eyes. In fact, onions contain a chemical called cyano-propanethiol-S-oxide. This chemical makes the eyes water. It affects the lacrimal glands of the eyes, causing tears to flow from the eyes. 

This topic has also been researched in Japan. According to this research, lacrimation-factor synthase enzyme is the cause of watery eyes when cutting onion. In fact, when we cut or peel an onion, the lachrymatory-factor synthase enzyme it contains is released into the air. This enzyme then turns into sulfenic acid and enters our eyes. This affects the lacrimal glands of the eyes and causes irritation and tears in the eyes. What is special is that people do not stop eating onion even after burning eyes. 

Onions have these qualities

Although tears come from the eyes while cutting onions, on the contrary, there are many qualities in onions. Onions are rich in vitamins A, B6, C and E and contain many essential nutrients such as sodium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. We also get folic acid from onions. On the other hand, apart from all this, it also enhances the taste of the food. 

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