Health Tips : What is the exact difference between stress, anxiety and mood swings? Read detailed information


Health Tips : Looking around the world, mental health (Mental Health) is starting to become a big problem. Often people are seen talking and struggling with this disease. But, many people do not understand things related to mental health. This is why people never fully recover from it. Or they take time to recover from it. Even today there are many people who consider Stress, Mood Swing and Anxiety as one disease. However, there is a big difference. Find out exactly what the difference is.   
Stress and anxiety are not the same 
Many people do not know the exact difference between stress and anxiety. Because the symptoms of both these diseases are almost the same. Such as, sudden rapid increase in heart rate, difficulty breathing, or experiencing problems like diarrhea, constipation. There is definitely a slight difference between the two.

What exactly is the difference between stress and anxiety? 
The duration of stress is actually short term. Often this stress is triggered by our surroundings. Like, too much work load in the office, quarrel with a close person or upset due to some chronic illness. There may be other symptoms of stress as well. Such as, feeling angry, lonely, irritable, nauseated or dizzy. In many cases, stress can also lead to depression. So it is very important to take note of stress at the right time.

Anxiety :
We can also call this as chronic anxiety. An anxious person may experience problems such as restlessness, feeling fear for no reason, sweating, diarrhea or constipation, sleep problems, feeling restless. Identifying trigger points in anxiety can be a bit difficult. Because, in this disease, it is not known what triggered the person.   

Mood Swing :
The problem of mood swings is actually completely different from stress and anxiety. Mood swings are sudden changes in a person’s emotional state. During mood swings, a person may feel very happy or excited for no reason. Also, after some time the person may become sad, irritable or even angry. In mood swing disease, a person’s emotions change very rapidly and sometimes he does not even understand himself. Your lifestyle can be a major factor in triggering mood swings. For example, changing house or job, not getting enough sleep, not eating healthy, etc. Apart from this, there are hormonal changes in the human body. 

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