Health Tips : Feeling very weak in dengue? Don’t worry, include ‘these’ foods in your diet


Health Tips : Currently (Dengue) patients is increasing rapidly. Dengue is a flu-like illness. which is spread by the Aedes mosquito. In dengue it is necessary to take special care of your diet. Also, if not treated on time, this disease can spread more.   

Rapid loss of platelets in dengue is sometimes fatal. If you have dengue, the body becomes very weak. For this, it is necessary to be very careful about food and drink. Here we are going to tell you about what should be your diet after recovering from dengue.  

Some Diet Tips : 

In dengue fever, the patient’s body is more dehydrated. So drink as much water as possible. This will give your body more energy. Drink fresh fruit juice, vegetable soup, coconut water, pomegranate juice and pineapple juice to replenish water deficit. Rehydration is very helpful in reversing weakness in dengue. 

2. Eat green leafy vegetables :  Green leafy vegetables should be eaten more in dengue fever. If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, you can make soup and drink it. Apart from this, you can also eat it by making vegetable salad. This will also help your body get the nutrients it needs. 

Diet plays a very important role in eliminating anemia in the body. Dengue causes loss of appetite in the patient. In this condition, the digestive system slows down. So take nutritious and easily digestible food. Feed the patient vegetable khichdi, dal and lentils. Use things like garlic, ginger and lemon to add flavor to food. 

If you are suffering from any disease then you should avoid eating outside food. Don’t eat pizza, burgers, cold drinks or any other outside food during dengue. Also avoid the use of packaged goods available in the market. 

Note: All the above items are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers-audience only as information. ABP takes no claim from me. So any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken with expert advice.

Important News : 

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