Harsha Sai: Hatsoff Harsha Sai, dinner for 101 poor people at Faystar Hotel, Rs.30 thousand per plate

Harsha Sai, sounds like I heard this name somewhere. Adenandi is a surprising young man on YouTube giving unexpected surprises to the poor. Harsha Sai has a habit of helping people who are in trouble. The things he does to see happiness in the eyes of the poor.. is an inspiration to many. That’s why, his YouTube and social media posts have such a following. 

Harshasai recently did another miracle. He tried what no one has done so far. He fed 101 poor people a hearty meal at Faystar Hotel. Do you know how much each plate of food costs? Rs.30 thousand. Well, you heard right. Because… what he chose was not a simple hotel. In the most luxurious Falaknuma Palace where only the richest, politicians and international leaders stay in the country. This is where Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the American president, had dinner together. The inspiration for the video of those children: Can you imagine if they had access to a five-star hotel where the poor are only in front of the gate? ? But, Harshasai did it and showed it. The reason for this idea is a viral video. In Mumbai, three children went to buy pizza with the money they saved. The staff sent the children out as their clothes were dirty. Even if we get money and give pizza, they drive them out without giving. Harsha Sai’s heart became heavy after seeing this video which went viral on social media. Harsha Sai made this plan with the aim of removing the difference between the rich and the poor. 

Five star hotel that does not give a drop of water to the farmer: As part of his plan.. Harsha Sai made a farmer a He went to a five star hotel and was sent to ask for a glass of water. However, the security there sent him out without giving him water. This happened in two or three hotels. With this, Harshasai decided to feed free dinner to the poor at Royal Hotel, the most expensive hotel in Hyderabad. On this occasion, he chose Falak Numa Palace. The largest royal dining table in the world: Falak Numa Palace has the largest dining table in the world. 101 people can eat together there at the same time. So Harsha Sai informed the owner of that hotel that he is going to arrange a dinner for the poor people coming with him. He asked to book the dining hall in his name. However, it was learned that the dining hall was not available at the time Harshasai said. Harshasai said that he will come if he tells me when he is free. On the other hand, Harshasai went to Mumbai for the three children in the viral video. Finally he found out their whereabouts and cut the cake with them and paid them. After that they were brought to Hyderabad. They were brought to Falak Numa Palace in luxury cars. Harshasai brought all the poor people from other places along with children, sanitation workers and farmers. 

Rs. 30 thousand per plate meal: There is something special about the food served in that dining hall. If you want to sit and eat there, you have to pay Rs. 30 thousand per plate. Moreover they are not served in ordinary plates. All gold and silver teeth. Only dishes from Nizam era are served there. Hence, the food there is so expensive. The farmer who went to the five star hotel earlier and asked for water also came to this dinner. He was made to sit in the chair where Nizam Raju was sitting and was served delicious dishes. No matter how big a guest comes to Hyderabad from abroad, they dine there. In such a place, the poor are not allowed to eat. However, Harshasai took the poor people not only in Telangana but also in other states to expensive hotels and fed them expensive meals. He helped them by giving them money. The video, which was posted on August 3, has received over 73 lakh views so far. Everyone appreciates Harsha Sai’s effort. 

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