Happy Maha Ashtami 2023 Wishes: Send these special wishes to relatives and friends on Durga Ashtami

Happy Maha Ashtami 2023 Wishes: Send these special wishes to relatives and friends on Durga Ashtami

Happy Chaitra Navratri, Maha Ashtami 2023 Wishes: Maa Mahagauri, the eighth power of Maa Durga, will be worshiped on the 8th day of Chaitra Navratri i.e. on March 29, 2023. Mother Mahagauri’s form is very bright, soft, white in color and wearing white clothes. She is considered to be the giver of wealth, wealth, physical, mental and worldly heat. Ashtami and Navami of Navratri, both these days are very special. In these days devotees worship their family goddess and girl child is worshipped. Now that Ashtami is special, your congratulatory messages should also be special on this day. Mother’s devotional wishes  Make Maha Ashtami special by sending it to your loved ones.

Mother got the name Mahagauri
Removed the crisis of those who take refuge
Whoever worships you on Ashtami
 His bad work improves

Shadow is dark all around
May Mother Mahagauri illuminate my life
Who is here without you
The morning comes in front of you

The woman who worships Maa Mahagauri on Maha Ashtami
Mother protects her honey

Kanya Bhoj on Ashtami
With the grace of Maa Mahagauri
Get happiness, wealth and prosperity in life.< /strong>

Destroys unethical thoughts and gives wisdom
Maa Mahagauri makes household life happy

Shwete Vrushe Samarudha Shwetambardhara Shuchih
Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadevapramodada

Concentrate the fickle mind
Meditate on Mother Mahagauri
Coconut, Mogra are liked by Mother
Does good to everyone who sings his praises on Ashtami

This is the remedy for every sorrow
You take mother’s name on Durgashtami
All work will be completed

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